Live Blogging Leadercast 2016

Today, I’m deviating away from my normal blogging schedule.

You expect a post from me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week. A post that will peek your interest and inform you on a leadership topic.

Today’s going to be different.

Live blogging Leadercast Live 2016

I won’t be delivering one blog post today. Instead, you’re going to receive multiple posts.


Because I’m attending Leadercast Live at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s an event for leaders who want to become better.

And you might have heard of it before. Especially if you listened to my interview with Keith Wilmot.

As I attend Leadercast Live, I’ll be sharing my insights and takeaways from leaders such as Andy Stanley, Dr. Henry Cloud, Nick Saban, Steve Wozniak, Kat Cole, James Brown, CMDR Rorke Denver, and Chris Barez-Brown.

The theme of Leadercast is amazing this year. They’re going to help us understand how we, as leaders, can become the architects of tomorrow.

Throughout the day, new posts will go up as the speaker finishes his or her talk during the event. I’ll craft a new article and get it up as soon as possible.

These posts will consist of topics such as becoming a visionary leader, how you can imagine a future full of hope, and how you can cast a compelling vision and mobilizing those around you to help you fulfill that vision

You can keep up by visiting this page or refreshing the homepage of There, you’ll see the newest articles first.

Live Blog Links

Andy Stanley

Kat Cole

James Brown

Coach Nick Saban

Chris Barez-Brown

Dr. Henry Cloud

Steve Wozniak

Commander Rorke Denver

Question: Who’s insights are you most interested in reading? Share it in the comment section below!
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