5 Leadership Lessons My Battle With COVID-19 Taught Me About Leadership

We’ve been battling COVID-19 for a long time now. There was talk of two weeks to flatten the curve. It’s now been close to two years. It doesn’t feel like we’re any closer to winning the battle against COVID.

I had a personal battle with COVID-19 in October of 2021. I had just run my personal best in a half marathon. I was feeling high. I was feeling good. Then, three days later, COVID-19 knocked me flat on my bum.

Man struggling in a body of water

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I remember how it started. I felt dizzy on a Tuesday night. Wednesday, I woke up and told the office I wouldn’t be in. By Friday, I was struggling to walk more than 10 to 20 feet at a time. I even wound up in the emergency room twice for breathing issues.

How To Deal With Success As A Leader

As we inch closer and closer to success, you may notice things begin to change. I’ve seen it happen with friends of mine.

They start to act differently. They make different, sometimes unwise, choices. They look at life differently.

Then there are those who stay true to who they are. They walk the talk. They are the real deal.

Both are dealing with their success. Just not in the same way.

Deal with success properly

The Wrong Way To Deal With Success

My heart breaks when I think of people who are considered successful yet their lives are falling down around them.

Marriages are destroyed. Families are torn apart. Businesses that appear stable crumble and fall.

Lately, I’ve watched as successful people have cheated on their wives and failed to heed the advice of others. I’ve seen others spend their money until they’re broke.

8 Things Leaders Do To Effect Change

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Leadership is a huge responsibility that requires a tremendous deal of patience, intelligence, courage, people management, and several other skills to play the role effectively. Whether at the workplace or other, you cannot underestimate the significance of good leadership. It is perhaps why about 83% of employers believe leadership development is crucial at all stages of professional life. Change is also an inevitable aspect of life and will be required for growth to occur. And especially in the digital age where change is rapid, it is also vital to show effective leadership to reap the benefits fully. Here are some things leaders do to drive change wherever they are.

  • Communicate

How You Can Be A Better Leader For Your Business

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Business owners typically have a hard time running their business efficiently while being a good leader, and it can be a lot of work to stay on top of. However, if you want the best for your business, you have to be able to lead well, and that involves getting in touch with your team and properly connecting with them. Good leaders go the extra mile for their employees and make sure that everyone is working in an environment that fits their needs. That’s not to say you should do everything for your employees, but there is a lot you can do to improve workplace attitudes.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Encanto

A Reel Leadership Article

Encanto is the new Walt Disney Pictures movie. It is a touching tale of a family divided and reconciling. It is also a musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton.

If you’d like the amazing soundtrack from Encanto, you can purchase it at Amazon.

Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) is the first in her family not to be given a gift by their enchanted house. As she grows older, she has become quietly discontent with no gift. Eventually, something shocking happens. The magical house begins to crack.

Family in the movie Encanto

We discover the reason later in the film. I won’t spoil the Encanto twist for you here though I will touch on the reasoning in the leadership lessons I share.

While a children’s movie, Encanto is great for the young, old, and young at heart. One of the great things about this movie is that you can take your child to see the film and discuss the life and leadership lessons you see. Don’t write it off simply because it is a children’s movie.