Developing Leadership Skills In Your Children

Training up a child in the way he or she should go is difficult. You have so many forces pulling your children in so many different ways. It’s frustrating. It’s challenging. But it’s something you must step up to face.

As a parent, you are responsible for developing leadership skills in your children. Your children are your responsibility.

You have to be willing to mentor and guide your children so they can be next-generation leaders.

Young children, smiling and happy.

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Developing Leadership Skills In Your Children

Let me start by saying that I am not a parent. While there’s been a desire to be a parent, my wife and I have not been blessed with children. However, I believe I can still pour into parents looking to develop leadership skills in their children.


Overcoming Communication Barriers In Leadership And The Home

Have you ever been in a relationship or organization where communication was poor? You never knew how the other party felt or what changes were being made in the organization.

To you, it felt like chaos reigned supreme.

You felt infuriated. Maybe you felt uninformed. Or you felt that the other person didn’t care for you.

These are all valid feelings when communication is flowing correctly. Communication is the bedrock of any good relationship, business or personal. That’s why every great leader works on their communication.

Two people sitting on a road guardrail. They appear to be talking to one another.

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They want to be able to articulate what they’re feeling, how they’re feeling, what’s happening in the organization or family, and more. Communication is the lifeline you and those you’re in a relationship with need to thrive.

Don’t deprive your team and family of good communication. Let’s take a look at ways you can overcome communication barriers in your leadership and personal relationships.

6 Techniques For Building Trust With Your Team And Family Members

You know that if you don’t have trust, you don’t have much in a relationship. Trust is the building block of any good relationship.

But, we don’t start out day one with trust. We have to build trust. And building trust can be tricky.

6 Techniques For Building Trust With Your Team And Family Members

Whether at work or in your home, trust is one thing you must build between you and your family or team members. Trust helps them know that they can count on you when times are tough.

Sometimes, we screw up. We mess up and break that bond of trust. The tips and techniques below will help you build and recover trust when trust has been lost or not yet earned.

Here are 6 techniques to build trust with your team and family members.

How To Make Friends Beyond The Playground

When we were younger, making friends was easy. The recess bell would ring, and we would all run out to the playground. There, we’d break into cliques and find our tribes.

Once we’ve outgrown the playground, making friends becomes more difficult. We begin to focus on our jobs, our romantic relationships, and more. The idea of friendships goes out the window.

Until we realize that we need platonic friendships.

Barna Research conducted multiple studies on adult friendships. The statistics are sad.

Many adults have two to five close friends. With those friendships, 20% still feel lonely on a regular basis. Most adults rarely have meaningful relationships with their neighbors other than a simple greeting. Gone are the backyard barbeques, weekly get together, or bowling nights.

What may shock you even more is that most of our friendships are with people like us. We don’t stray from what we know even though we think we do.

The Art of Communication: How to Build Stronger Relationships and Achieve Greater Success

The art of communication is something everyone can work on. We never become the greatest communicator alive. There will always be someone else.

Communication is the thing that can make or break the best leaders. Without clear communication, you will struggle to get people to listen to you, act on what you say, and be heard.

Communication is pretty important, huh?

How can you build your communication skills and, in turn, build stronger relationships and achieve greater success? Follow along; we’re going to take a look at a few ways you can do this.

The Art of Communication: How to Build Stronger Relationships and Achieve Greater Success

Listening: The Most Important Skill

Wait, but you said we would learn about communicating, right?!? We are. And listening is the most important skill when it comes to effective communication.