4 Things To Remember As You Lead

The longer we lead, the more distant we can become from those we lead. We forget what it was like to be in their position. Some may have never been in a leadership position before.

There’s plenty more that we need to remember as we lead. We have to be mindful of these things, or we will quickly become irrelevant (in the eyes of our team), distant, and angry.

Today, put aside your preconceived notions of what leadership looks like. Take a gander at the 4 things I know all leaders need to remember.

4 Things To Remember As You Lead

1. Leadership is a privilege:

The first thing leaders need to remember is that leadership is a privilege. You may forget this the longer you are in a leadership position, but it is true nonetheless.

6 Uncomfortable Leadership Decisions

The longer you’re in a leadership position, the more decisions you will have to make. These decisions… They’re not always going to be easy.

In fact, many of the decisions you’re going to make as a leader will be uncomfortable.

Your decisions become uncomfortable when they impact the livelihood of those you lead, the organization’s health, and more. The decisions keep coming; the uncomfortableness keeps piling on.

6 Uncomfortable Leadership Decisions

What uncomfortable decisions may come your way? I’ve found many common decisions aren’t easy to make. They’ll make you squirm, procrastinate, and maybe even cry to your momma.

Let’s look at 6 of these leadership decisions you’ll face.

1. Firing an employee:

We may think that firing an underperforming employee will be the easiest decision to make. It’s not.

When Core Values Become Harmful

You’ve probably heard a lot about core values. Every business needs to know what its core values are. With core values, you can guide your business in the ethical direction you want the business to go.

Sounds great, right?

Until living and leading out the core values intersects with business operations. Then your core values become harmful.

Not to the business itself. No, no, no…

Your core values become dangerous because your employees see you leading with different core values.

This is, as I put it, the danger zone.

When Core Values Become Harmful

If your business has a set of core values, you have to live out those stated values. Otherwise, your team will begin to look at the leadership as hypocrites.

Let’s look at a few core values that leaders may bend or tweak to get around.

5 Ways To Pray For The Team You Lead

Prayer should be a part of every believer’s lifestyle. Prayer keeps you close to God and is like a direct line to Him.

Many leaders want to pray for their teams. They desire to see their team prosper, be successful, and grow.

Man bowing his head to pray

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

Discovering how or what to pray for their team can be challenging. Today, I want to make it a little less difficult for you.

Keep reading to discover five ways to pray for the team you lead as a Christian leader.

5 Ways To Pray For The Team You Lead

1. Pray for wisdom:

The wisest man to ever live, King Solomon, could have prayed for wealth, fame, and more. Instead, King Solomon asked God to give him wisdom.

Pray that God increases the understanding of your people. That He opens their eyes and gives them insight beyond human comprehension.

3 Questions To Ask If You Want To Build Integrity

I was recently reading an excerpt from John Maxwell’s book Developing the Leader Within You. In one of the chapters, he writes about the difference between image-building and integrity-building. These questions really struck me.

I believe integrity is the key to being a great leader. The outward appearance, looking good, and other actions aren’t what make a leader. A leader has to be integrious first and foremost.

How do you put integrity first? John Maxwell had three questions in three areas you could ask yourself. I believe these questions will help you become a more integrity-led leader.

3 Questions To Ask If You Want To Build Integrity

1. Consistency: Are you the same person no matter who you are with?:

Leaders with integrity are consistent. They do what they say, do it repeatedly, and they don’t change based on the people they are around. Being consistent is easy to say but challenging to practice.