5 Ways Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

By now, your New Year’s Resolutions are probably fading fast from memory. You set incredible, challenging goals, but now you’re well past many imaginary goal dates. You feel like a failure.

But you’re not. You’re human. Just like the rest of us out there.

What if I told you that you can get back on track, stay on track, and achieve your goals? I believe you can.

It takes the power of visualization for your goals. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

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What Is Visualization?

Visualization isn’t difficult. We do it every day; we just don’t realize it.

Think about the time your mind wandered off. You got lost in a daydream. You visualized a reality that wasn’t there.

Now, apply that to your goals. At its core, visualization is a clear mental image of a future event or reality. 

Leveraging Technology For Leadership Success

I think about my father and the technological changes he’d seen throughout his 93 years of living. From the advent of the television to cars to improved phones to computers to cell phones… He saw a lot of technological advancement in his life.

We’re seeing similar things happen in our lifetime as well. Technology is increasing at a rapid rate. It’s hard to keep up.

Yet, technology is the key to success in business. We connect to customers, maintain our schedules, keep ourselves on task (or off task), and more.

But how does technology help someone in a leadership position? You already know some of the answers:

  • I can track employee efficiencies
  • I can communicate with my team even when I’m not in the office
  • Emails come directly to my cell phone

6 Ways To Self-Reflect And Boost Your Leadership

There’s a low din around the office that most leaders are oblivious to. It’s the talk and chatter about how oblivious you, the leader, are to what’s really happening around the office. And in your life.

While this chatter is gossip, there’s gold in it as well. It can help a leader understand where they’re missing it and what they can do to become a better leader.


You probably don’t want to hear the office gossip. You want to be able to change yourself before your team notices. That’s the way a leader does it. They change before their flaws are widely recognized.

The best way to change is to self-reflect regularly. We know how valuable self-reflection is, but we can also struggle with the steps that one can take to do so.

Effective Communication: The Key To Building Strong Relationships

I can’t hammer it home enough how important communication is in leadership and, more importantly, your life overall. While John Maxwell says everything rises and falls on leadership, I have to diverge from this great leadership thinker.

Leadership is important, but I believe communication is even more important.

Without communication, you can’t rise to the level of a great leader. People won’t follow or understand you if you can’t effectively communicate your

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Desires
  • Thoughts
  • Agendas
  • Etc…

Communication is the key to getting things done in leadership. It holds that communication will get you to the next level. Especially in building relationships.

Many relationships, in business and personal, have fallen because a person couldn’t communicate. They failed to share their needs, desires, and wants. They couldn’t spit out the words to let the other person know.

5 Tips For Leading Through Change And Uncertainty

Every leader knows that there will be change and uncertainty in their organization. It could be an organizational restructuring, moving, or a global pandemic. You never know what you’re going to face when you lead.

Yet, you can lead through the most challenging situations and change. 

You won’t know everything you will have to do or the decisions you’ll have to make. Sometimes, you’ll make the wrong decision or something won’t go right.

That’s okay. You can still lead.

And here’s how you can lead through change and uncertainty with confidence.

5 Tips For Leading Through Change And Uncertainty

Leading through change and uncertainty isn’t easy. It will test you because you won’t know the following five steps. You may only know the next one or two. You will have to step out in faith. Here’s how you do that.