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Reel Leadership has been greenlit by the publisher!

There is some exciting news happening in my world. Earlier this year, I joined a Georgetown University cohort to begin my official book writing journey.

Writing a traditional book has been on my heart and mind for quite some time. Now, it is really happening.

I’ve been hard at work writing the stories and ideas behind Reel Leadership. The book looks different than I expected it to. However, the book is going to be better than I ever expected.

I have been able to interview many exciting and interesting people. You may recognize some of the names in the book. Other names you may not be familiar with but you should. A few of the people I have interviewed are Kary Oberbrunner, Brent Baum, Daniel Knudsen, Jon Harrison, and David Hayter (he voiced Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid and was also the screenwriter for the X-Men 1 and X-Men 2 movies).

I’ve gone from ideation to story writing to submitting my manuscript. The expected publication date for Reel Leadership is December 2021. Over the next few months, I will be launching my presale campaign. I hope you will join me on this journey. If you join the presale campaign, you will be able to:

  • Receive advance reading materials from the book
  • Give input on the subtitle and cover design
  • Have your name in the book
  • Join an exclusive community for the book
  • Receive a signed paperback copy of the book

If you’re interested in being a beta reader of Reel Leadership, send me a message at [email protected].

List of the process of my book writing journey

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