The Answers From Leadership Podcast

The Answers From Leadership Podcast is a bi-weekly show bringing you insights from leaders around the world.

New episodes will be posted every other Wednesday. Each episode of Answers From Leadership will be an interview with a leader who’s doing amazing things.

You’ll hear answers to questions like:

What does leadership look like to you?

How have you overcome a leadership challenge?

What are you doing to become a better leader?

And so much more…

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Previous Guests

42. Jonathan David Lewis – Author of Brand Vs. Wild

41. Bobby Umar – Founder of the Discover Your Personal Brand conference

40. Yengyee Lor – Remote leadership expert

39. Adam Kirk Smith – The Bravest You

38. Zach Yentzer – Founder of 100 Creative Cities

37. Leon Logothetis – Host of The Kindness Diaries

36. Charlotte Gambill – Lead pastor at LIFE church, UK

35. Susan M. Barber – Susan M. Barber Coaching

34. Mark Timm – CEO of Ziglar Family

33. Brit Poulson – Author of The Clarity Compass

32. Joel Boggess – Host of the ReLaunch Podcast

31. Steve Armstrong – Calgary-based speaker, educator, and consultant

30. Jon Stolpe – Author of On Track: Life Lessons From Track And Field

29. Michael Teoh – Author of The Potential Matrix

28. Alli Polin – Break The Frame

27. Dan Dwyer – Founder of CoachToPerform

26. Karin Hurt – Found of Let’s Grow Leaders

25. Beth Beutler – Founder of H.O.P.E. Unlimited

24. David Mike – Author of Dishonor

23. David Abraham – Founder of Revive and Evangelist

22. Timothy Carroll – Founder of Carroll Consultancy

21. Jeni Catron – Writer, author, and leadership expert

20. Bob Burg – Author of The Go-Giver and The Go-Giver Leader

19. Ann Fishman – Founder of Generational Targeted Marketing

18. Mike Boyink – Blogger at Ditching Suburbia

17. Ralph Mayhew – Australian pastor and author of The Anonymous Leader

16. Michael Bungay-Stainer – Author of The Coaching Habit

15. Colleen Hammond – Best-selling author and image consultant

14. Sandy Asch – Author of ROAR

13. Sean Ackerman – Podcaster at YouLeadingYou

12. Leon Shapiro – Author of Power Of Peers

11. Josh Andrews – Lawyer who tries to handles disputes Biblically

10. Keith Wilmot – CEO of Leadercast

09. Kent Sanders – Author of The Artist’s Suitcase

08. Natasha Ganem – Founder and director of LION Leadership

07. Steve Cockram – Co-Founder of GiANT Worldwide

06. Richard McLemore – Former Canada BDC Regional Manager for Oracle

05. Jacob Sokol – Founder of Sensohpy

04. Chester Goad – Author and leadership expert

03. Paul Sohn – Author of Quarter Life Calling

02. Tyler Reagin – Executive director of Catalyst Conference

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