Discover Your Voice With Steve Cockram Of GiANT Worldwide – Podcast Episode 007

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 007

Today’s podcast guest is Steve Cockram. Steve is the co-founder of GiANT Worldwide and travels extensively teaching and consulting with senior executives and their teams all over the world; from the likes of the British government and multi-national corporations, to small start-ups in Sheffield, UK or Atlanta, GA.

You can find your leadership voice

Show Notes:

What else do you want listeners to know about you?
Steve has a long-suffering wife of 24 years and 3 daughters.
Used to be an athlete

We all face difficulties in leadership. What difficulties have you encountered and what have you learned from these challenges?
Almost all of the GiANT Worldwide content has come out of failure
Failures and challenges are probably the true MBA

Every leader has a unique way of leading. I believe you call this their voice. Can you tell us a bit more about leadership voices?
Every leader is unique
No one has the same successes or failures as you do. We are all unique
Your voice is what others experience on the other side of you

Your leadership voice is what people truly hear

How do you find out how people are hearing you?
If you’re already asking this question, you’re on the right path
We all speak all of the voices. Though certain voices are dominate
Your voice is the combination of the 5 voices

73-80% of voices represented by the nurturers, guardians, and creatives are rarely heard in the average corporate team

How does knowing your voice help you lead better?
It helps you to know what your strengths are and where your areas for growth and development are
You begin to discover there are people who have the strengths you don’t have
How to create the environment where other people get to bring their best to the table

What do you think leadership is?
The most effective leaders he’s ever met are those who know their own strengths and know their own areas of weaknesses and can create an environment where all the people they work with are able to bring their best to the table as well
Leadership doesn’t happen by accident

Do you recommend finding out the voices of your team members?
The primary application of 5 Voices is to help teams function more effectively.
You can go to to find the free online video series
This will help provoke conversation

Do you recommend communicating your voice to your team? 
Of course, some of the organizations we work with even keep a database of their employees voices
5 Voices creates a common vocabulary language for leadership and keeps the conversation going
It allows me to understand who the people are in the organization

Does our voice change over time or does it stay fairly consistent?
The way that you’re created, your voice order by nature doesn’t change
Your environment and circumstances can pull other voices to the forefront
An experience in your leadership can shape the way you use your voice

What do you wish you had known about leadership 10 years ago?
I wish I more fully understood the impact I had on every environment in which I was present
I didn’t understand the dominance of the voice I brought to the table

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with listeners?
There is no such thing as accidental synergy in teams
Most teams function at 50-60% of their capacity

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Book – 5 Voices

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