5 Questions To Ask To Recognize If The Time Is Right

Discovering whether or not the timing is right to act is a crucial aspect of leadership. It’s one of the most important questions to ask before making any major change.

Yet, so many of us fail to ask this question. We’re bulldozers. We move forward. We make change happen, right?

But what if we’re doing it wrong?

In our rush to innovate, be the first to mark, or make a lasting change, we bypass the question of:

Is this the right time?

I believe there are questions that we can ask ourselves and those within our organization to get an answer. Let’s look at those questions and why they’re important to ask.

Relentless Forward Motion

What does it take to be a great leader? It’s something that I’ve thought a lot about lately, with more and more leaders failing and a seeming dirth of new leaders to take their place.

Then it hit me…

It’s what it takes to be great in any endeavor we take on. We have to have relentless forward motion.

Relentless Forward Motion

What do you bring to mind when you think about relentless forward motion? I want you to consider what each word in this simple phrase means:

RELENTLESS: oppressively constant; incessant

FORWARD: onward so as to make progress; toward a successful conclusion

MOTION: the action or process of being moved

Let’s put those definitions together to make it relatable as a leader. Relentless forward motion in leadership is:

The constant, incessant movement and progress toward a goal.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Inside Out 2

A Reel Leadership Article

My latest book, Reel Leadership, is now available on Amazon. If you love movies and leadership, you will love this book.

Disney and Pixar bring us back to the world of Riley (Kensington Tallman), a young girl with a whole world of emotions. If you remember the first Inside Out movie, you will remember her journey of coming to terms with her conflicting emotions.

In Inside Out 2, Riley’s original emotions return. We’re treated to the likes of:

  • Joy (Amy Poehler)
  • Anger (Lewis Black)
  • Sadness (Phyllis Smith)
  • Fear (Tony Hale)
  • Disgust (Liza Lapira)

Joy (a blue-haired woman) and Anxiety (a creature with a worried expression) with colored balls behind them. Scene from Inside Out 2.

These emotions are pushed out as 13-year-old Riley hits puberty. New emotions arrive and begin to create havoc in her life. These new emotions are:

  • Anxiety (Maya Hawke)
  • Envy (Ayo Edebiri)
  • Embarrassment (Paul Walter Hauser)
  • Ennui (Adèle Exarchopoulos)

6 Ways To Encourage A Growth Mindset In Your Team

We want the best people we can get on our teams. This means people who are self-starters, continuous learners, and are ready to go. But what if you’ve come across a team member who doesn’t have that motivation? Can you motivate them to change their mindset from a limited mindset to a growth mindset?

You can! 

A team member who is stuck currently doesn’t have to be stuck forever. Just think back to some of your missteps. You’ve had your ups and downs as you’ve taken this journey. They will too!

You have the joy and pleasure of being there, next to them, helping them grow. You are able to encourage a growth mindset in your people. 

How cool is that? 

The Number ONE Thing That Will Build Confidence

Imagine walking into an organization and you know nothing about the skills you need, methods that work, or you lack the talent needed to thrive. You’d be freaking out.

You may wonder how you could accomplish all that needs to be done. You may ponder why someone would put you into the situation you’re sitting in. 

More than anything, you’d lack the confidence to get the job done.

So, my question to you is:

What could build your confidence to tackle situations such as this?

The Number ONE Thing That Will Build Confidence

What if I told you there’s one thing that will build or give you confidence? Something you can work on yourself? Something so simple it can be mind-bending?

There is one thing you can do to build confidence, even in challenging situations where you’re tossed into it with little to no knowledge of the business.