5 Tips To Be More Intentional

You’ve seen the leaders who are distracted by every shiny object. They chase after anything and everything that catches their eye.

These leaders are willing to drop everything to see if the new thing will bring them the success they desire. Yet, each time, they get further and further away from what they long for. They also push away from their team members who are looking for a leader with intentionality.

Maybe this leader is even you…

People who are considered great leaders know they must be intentional about their actions. They must have a plan, follow through, and get things done. 

Sure, there’s time to chase squirrels and shiny objects, but great leaders are, for the most part, intentional about what they do. 

If you want to be more intentional with your actions, keep reading.

What’s Your Dream?

My wife and I recently attended an event held by the Muskegon Area Rental Association (MARA). Ratan Khatri was speaking at the event. We’d connected on Facebook, and when I saw this opportunity, I asked my wife to go. We had been interested in investing in real estate, and we saw this as the perfect opportunity to dip our feet into the waters.

At the MARA event, we heard from a long-time real estate investor. He’s invested in multiple real estate deals and knew his stuff. His presentation was geared toward the beginner investor, which was the perfect event for us!

But one thing stood out to me. A question Ratan asked:

What’s your dream for your real estate investments? 

What’s Your Dream?

Ratan’s question got me thinking… I need to ask this question in all areas of my life. What’s my dream for:

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Fly Me To The Moon

My latest book, Reel Leadership, is now available on Amazon. If you love movies and leadership, you will love this book.

Fly Me To The Moon is an inspiring comedy-drama that will warm your heart, inspire you to do incredible things, and bring you the leadership insights you need to continue growing and becoming a better leader. Directed by Greg Berlanti and with writers Keenan Flynn, Bill Kirstein, and Rose Gilroy, the fictional story of how the United States beat Russia to the moon is hilarious yet insightful. 

Scarlett Johansson stars as Kelly Jones, a marketing genius who is turning the advertising world upside down. When she is recruited by Moe Berkus (Woody Harrelson) to work for the White House and NASA, she meets Cole Davis (Channing Tatum), a moonshot flight director. Both of their worlds collide in a romantic way that goes south. 

Woman in a yellow dress and a man in a blue shirt standing in front of a wooden guardrail

4 Ways To Lead Up

There are very few of us who are at the top of an organization. We all find ourselves in various positions of authority. There are people below us. Then, there are people above us.

There’s a desire to continue our upward advancement. We want to show the leaders above us that we have what it takes to sit alongside them.

We want to be able to lead up.

The question becomes: how do we lead those who are leading us? It’s the struggle we all have throughout our careers.

I want to let you know there’s good news. We can lead up and not just down. We can impact our leaders as we impact those we lead.

What does that take?

Start Small

We’ve all heard about the myth of the bull in a China shop. It’s not true (bulls in a China shop are actually very careful not to damage things -check out the video at the end of this article to see a bull in a China shop-type situation), but it provides a great illustration.

When you think of a bull in a China shop, you think of chaos, damage, mass destruction. A bull has a lot of force behind it.

So do you. As the leader of an organization, you get to point the organization in the right direction.

But what happens when you’re new to an organization? Many leaders become the bull in a China shop that actually destroys the things around us.

We start out with big changes. We know what needs to be done. We rush in to make everything just the way it should be.