5 Games That Will Mentally Stimulate Leaders

The idea of leisure and how to enjoy yourself can be a hot-button topic in the world of personal development. There are people out there who say you should constantly look for ways to improve yourself.

I disagree. There are times when you need to take a mental break. You have to find ways to enjoy yourself.

Yet, there’s also an idea there that sticks. Can we find personal development ideas in the things we enjoy? I know so.

That’s how Reel Leadership came to be. I realized that there were personal development and leadership ideas in the movies we watch.

Maybe there’s not always a lesson in the entertainment we consume. Perhaps it’s the fact that our minds are being mentally stimulated. The mental stimulation encourages new ways of thinking, so we go about our days differently.

Leadership Lessons From A 200-Mile Ragnar Relay Race

A few months ago, I was approached by a local pastor to do something crazy. He had put together a team of runners to run the Ragnar Michigan relay. This run takes runners from Muskegon, Mi to Traverse City, Mi for a 200-ish mile run.

The Dogman Bounty Runners Ragnar Road Michigan 2022 running team

The Dogman Bounty Runners At The Finish Of Ragnar 2022 Michigan

The team consisted of 12 runners, a driver, and two volunteers for the event. That’s a lot of people, with most of them being inside a 15-passenger van. The thought of it reminded me of the Five Iron Frenzy song Superpowers. One line of the song went like this:

Eight people in a stinky van, a couple more couldn’t hurt.

I guess the guys and gal in Five Iron Frenzy were right. A few more people in a stinky van wouldn’t hurt as we all rode peacefully to each leg of the race to cheer each other on.

Everything You Need To Make Working From Home A Success

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If you have been instructed to work from home to save a lot of people being in the office at one time then you may be wondering how you will cope. It can be a complete game changer, one you may absolutely love and adore. However, it can seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you are used to having your boss on hand to help and assist with anything you get stuck with. Remember, your boss will still be there to help, there will just be a screen in between you now. You might have never worked from home previously so you aren’t totally sure what you need. Never fear, take a look at the article below for helpful tips and a list of everything you need to get through your days at home. 

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Knight Rider 2000

A Reel Leadership Article

My latest book, Reel Leadership, is now available on Amazon. If you love movies and leadership, you will love this book.

The nostalgia movies from the ’80s and ’90s bring is powerful. There’s something about going back in time and watching a unique period in film. The movies from this time are often similar to one another, especially the themes and views of the future.

Knight Rider 2000 is no different. David Hasselhoff returns as Michael Knight. So does Edward Mulhare as Devon Miles. New characters are introduced as well.

Michael Knight and Devon in Knight Rider 2000

Since Knight Rider 2000 was a made-for-tv special, it makes the movie that much better. It’s cheesy yet fun. It got things right, and it got things way wrong.

You’ll enjoy watching or rewatching the movie if you’re a fan of the Knight Rider television series. You may even enjoy the film if you’re not a fan of Knight Rider. Give it a go.

How To Manage Your Finances After An Injury

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A severe sickness or injury might harm your financial situation in addition to your physical condition. Here are some strategies for reducing the financial and psychological toll that illness and injuries can have. 

Modify Your Debt 

It is essential to contact your lenders and explain your circumstances if you have any active loans. Most lenders are more than happy to work with you to modify the terms of your loan because they prefer small, regular payments from their customers to missed ones. By doing this, you may prevent missed payments from harming your credit score and guarantee that you will still have access to loans in the future.