When Your Well Runs Dry

Lately, I’ve felt uninspired. What used to drive me to write has left me feeling empty and dry. I think my well is close to empty. My well is dry.

Authors, content creators, leaders, and more have a well they go to. This well helps them find new content and ideas to present to their audiences and teams.

Empty wooden brick well

Photo by Maria Krasnova

Sometimes, these wells run dry. You hit writer’s block. You hit an inspiration block.

There are hours, days, weeks, even years where you may not feel the desire to keep doing what you have done for as long as you can remember. Writing feels mundane. New content isn’t coming easily. Or you don’t know where to direct your organization to go.

It sucks… But it doesn’t have to be the end of what you love to do.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Jurassic Park 3

Today’s Reel Leadership article is a blast from the past. The leadership lessons are coming to you from the 2001 dinosaur movie Jurassic Park III.

Jurassic Park III revisits the story of Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) while introducing Paul Kirby (William H. Macy) and Amanda Kirby (Tea Leoni). The Kirby’s hire Grant to be their tour guide from the sky while they view the island Isla Sorna. Or… that’s what Paul Kirby told Dr. Grant.

Dinosaur from Jurassic Park III

Their mission is much different from what they told the good doctor. Their plan is to land on the island and search for their missing son, Eric Kirby (Trevor Morgan).

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This changes everything. Dr. Grant wasn’t prepared for this. Neither were the other people on the plane.

With this synopsis, we’re going to dive into the Reel Leadership lessons in Jurassic Park 3. They are plenty. And they are good.

5 Ways To Make Better Use Of Your Time

It can be easy to get in the traps of a time suck. These traps can be Facebook, LinkedIn, strategy planning, or watching TV. All of these make you wonder how you can make better use of your time.

After participating in a time trap, you will feel out of place. You will feel like you wasted your valuable time. Many times, you will have. You will have chosen to give your time to something that doesn’t matter.

Person looking at their Iwatch

Photo by Luke Cheeser

Noticing this is the key to changing. It’s also the key to making better use of your time.

5 Ways To Make Better Use Of Your Time

Leaders, as everyone else, have a limited number of hours in their day. You’re not different than Bill down the street. You and Bill both have 24 hours to your day. What you do with them matters.

Does Your Batting Average Suck?

Stats fascinate me. The numbers tell a story. The stories they tell may be hidden deep within the numbers or examples but they are there.

One sport that constantly looks at stats is major league baseball.

Aerial view of a major league baseball stadium

Photo by Tim Gouw

They have stats for everything. Some of the statistics baseball fans and announcers follow are:

  • Batting Average
  • At Bats
  • Home Runs
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Triples
  • Base On Balls
  • Hits
  • On Base Percentage
  • Slugging Average
  • Times On Base
  • Stolen Runs
  • Runs Scored
  • Base On Balls
  • Balks
  • Home Runs Allowed
  • Double Plays
  • Triple Plays
  • Games Played

Today, though, I want to look at the one statistic that gets the most focus. Everyone focuses on the batting average of hitters.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Marked For Death

A Reel Leadership Article

Today’s Reel Leadership article is a throwback to a crazy time in the world of movies. It’s the 1990’s and actor Steven Seagal has just gotten his start in the movie world.

Prior to Marked For Death, he had two other movies. Those movies are Above The Law and Hard To Kill. Since then, his movie and television appearances have jumped to almost 60 credited roles, most of those being in movies.

Steven Seagal in Marked For Death

You may wonder why I chose a Steven Seagal movie for today’s Reel Leadership article. You may also wonder why the subtitle of this article is A Hard To Watch Reel Leadership Article.

It’s simple. I’m part of a project where 57 writers, film watchers, and others have joined together to write a 1,000 article for a new book. The book is Hard To Watch, chronicling all of Steven Seagal’s appearances and what they mean to us.