Looking Back To Move Forward

There are many things in life I wish I could do over. But I can’t.

The past is the past and there’s no changing it.

Your past is a powerful learning tool

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People will go so far as to say that we shouldn’t reflect on the past. It’s done and over with.

No use crying over spilled milk. Or so the saying goes.

The Wrong Attitude

From my experience, this is the wrong attitude to carry in life. Moving on from the past and never analyzing the past is a disaster waiting to happen.

There’s another saying:

Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

My belief is this quote on the past is a better mantra to carry on in life.

Get rid of the wrong attitude on the past. Take a new view on the past.

The Right Attitude

You know what I’m going to say already. Admit it.

We need to get a better attitude on the past than we typically carry.

The past isn’t scary. And the past, in most cases, isn’t evil.

It is done and gone but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to gain from looking back on the past. There’s quite a bit you can learn from your past.

The right attitude to have what’s already happen is a learning attitude.

We can look to past events in our lives and analyze them. Look for what we can take away as positive lessons.

And then move on.

We shouldn’t toss our past aside. We should learn from our past.

Your Attitude

It’s your choice on how you view the past. You can view it as having no value or you can view it as a learning tool to move forward and learn.

What will it be?

Question: How do you view the past? What have you learned because of what you’ve gone through? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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