How To Find Answers To Tough Leadership Questions

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, inter-dimensional beings demanded the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from a supercomputer specifically build for this purpose. Seven and a half million years later, the answer was returned: 42.

Looking at the answer, it’s meaningless. What does 42 represent? Why is 42 the answer to the ultimate question of life?

No one really knows.

While we might never know the real ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, we do have other leadership questions that can be answered. And there’s real sources we can go to that will help us answer our tough questions.

It’s time to stop stewing over questions you can’t answer. Here’s the resources you may want to consult to have your questions answered.

Your questions may be able to be answered by other leaders: I’ve found leaders can be hesitant to approach other leaders for help in resolving the questions in their mind.

Whether this is from the fear of condemnation or a lack of trust, we’re missing out by refusing to let other leaders help us.

Don’t hesitate to bring your questions to other leaders. They’ll be stoked you consider them a source of wisdom and you’ll get the input of multiple resources.

Your question may be answered by the Bible: The Bible is a wealth of information about life and leadership. We get the stories of failed leaders and the greatest leader that ever lived.

You will see how bad leaders handled difficult situations. You will see how great leaders overcame difficult trials. You will see answers laid before you.

Your question may be answered by you: Whenever I struggle with a question, I take the time to sit down and begin writing about the topic.

Many times writing has brought clarity to the subject and I answer my own question.

Pouring out your thoughts and ideas allows you to think more freely. The ideas pour onto the page and you can then organize your thoughts.

The answer is there.

Your question may be answered through play: An odd place to find answers is in play. However odd this may seem, it’s the truth.

Playing gets your mind engaged outside of the question.

Because we’re looking for an answer, we can become so focused on finding the answer we don’t allow our minds to think. Diverting your thoughts to play frees up the resources of your mind to work on the question subconsciously.

Think of all the times you couldn’t find your keys or remember the answer to a trivia question. You shifted your thoughts to a different subject and BAM! the answer came to you.

Same thing here. Allow yourself some playtime to see if that will help the answer come.

Finding the answers to tough questions won’t be easy. Yet trying these techniques can help you pinpoint the answer.

Question: How do you find the answer to tough questions? I’d love to hear your methods in the comment section below.

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