Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Dreamer The Documentary

Dreamer is the 2020 documentary about the crazy dreamers who are making a difference in the world. Having been told what they wanted to do was crazy, impossible, or even improbably, they didn’t listen to the naysayers.

Movie poster for Dreamer the movie documentary

Rather, these dreamers listened to their dreams. They accomplished huge things that no one else had ever accomplished. The list of dreamers is long. They include:

  • Anousheh Ansari (CEO, XPRIZE)
  • Lisa Nichols (Founder of Motivating The Masses)
  • Dean Kamen (Inventor of the Segway)
  • Richard Branson (Investor and business tycoon)
  • Naveen Jain (Viome founder)
  • Seth Godin (Business guru extraordinaire)
  • Jessica Cox (First armless pilot)
  • Giovanni Marsico (Founder of the Archangel Academy)
  • Craig Kielburger (Found of the WE Movement)
  • Kim Kwik (Author of Limitless)
  • Haben Girma (Author of The Deaf Blind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law)
  • Peter Diamandis (Executive chairman of XPRIZE)

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Social Dilemma

A Reel Leadership Article

The Social Dilemma is a Netflix original documentary. It’s a startling tell-all expose on the dangers of social media. It’s eye-opening and a documentary everyone should watch.

I sat in stunned silence as I watched the documentary roll in front of my eyes. It made me sad, mad, angry, and reflective. I have some things to think about with my social media usage from now on.

You will too, once you watch The Social Dilemma.

Scene from The Social Dilemma documentary. Ben surrounded by social media imagery

The Social Dilemma features the tales of the people who worked to create facets of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Their stories are scary. They reinforce the idea that we’re being led down a path we don’t want to go.

These social media mavens are:

  • Tristan Harris – Google, Former Design Ethicist / Center for Humane Society, Co-Founder
  • Jeff Seibert – Twitter, Former Executive / Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Mulan

A Reel Leadership Article

The live-action Mulan movie was the latest casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of movie theaters. Originally scheduled to release in movie theaters, Mulan was recently released as a premium feature of Disney+. You can purchase Mulan for $29.99 or wait until December 4th, 2020 and Mulan will be free on Disney+.

While similar to the animated Mulan movie, the live-action Mulan takes us on a slightly different journey. Gone are the mythical creatures (except the Phoenix). Here to stay are more realistic story pieces of the Hua Mulan story. Thanks to the live-action version, I realized there was a real legend of Mulan.

Action shot from the live action Mulan movie

What happens? Mulan’s father, Zhou (Tzi Ma), is conscripted to fight in the Emperor’s Imperial Army to help an invading force. Zhou is old and crippled. Going to war would kill him.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The New Mutants

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The long-delayed X-Men spin-off movie, New Mutants saw it’s release on the weekend of August 28th, 2020. This is almost 3 years after it was originally scheduled to premiere.

The thirteenth and final film in the X-Men movies series, The New Mutants introduces some of the scarier side of mutants. Even though 20th Century Fox was bought out by The Walt Disney Company, The New Mutants was still released under that banner.

Cast of the New Mutants movie

The New Mutants sees the following mutants get some big screen time:

  • Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams)
  • Illyana Rasputin/Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy)
  • Sam Guthrie/Cannonball (Charlie Heaton)
  • Danielle Moonstar/Psyche/Mirage (Blu Hunt)
  • Roberto da Costa/Sunspot (Henry Zaga)

These mutants are quite a bit different than the X-Men you know and love. They’re disrespectful, arrogant, and scary.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Ip Man 4: The Finale

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I’ve seen lots of talk about the Ip Man movies. People tend to rave about them. I didn’t know what the raving was all about. Now I do.

I recently had the pleasure of watching Ip Man 4: The Finale. Ip (Pronounced like the IP in chip, not like I.P.) Man 4 tells the finale story of Wing Chung master Ip Man (Donnie Yen).

Donnie Yen as Ip Man in Ip Man 4: The Finale. Pointing finger.

The story is interesting. After the loss of his wife, Ip Man learns he has cancer. He travels to San Francisco to get a recommendation for his son to attend school there.

While trying to get the recommendation, he visits his star pupil, Bruce Lee (Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan). Yes, THE Bruce Lee. He helps to calm the tensions between Bruce Lee and the local martial arts community. Why? Because Bruce Lee is teaching non-Chinese Wing Chung.