10 Things To Say Yes To

Guarding our time is important. We only have 24 hours to the day, with a third of those hours devoted to sleep. We then have to consider what to do with the remaining 16 hours of our day.

That includes at least 8 hours in the office for many of us. Then there’s the commute. 

The hours in our day go quickly. Be guarded about them.

But also be open to saying yes to using them.

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We will miss out on so many opportunities and life events if we constantly say no. Today, I want to encourage you to say yes to the following 10 things.

10 Things To Say Yes To

1. To your family;

We’ve sacrificed our families on the altar of work and busyness. It’s time to say yes to them and show them how important they are to us.

5 Ways To Overcome Worry – Don’t Miss Out On The Free Checklist Included

Does your mind dwell on the difficulties or troubles of your position? Do you constantly feel stressed beyond your breaking point? Is anxiety starting to feel more like a friend than an enemy?

Then, you may be in a worry trap.

Worry is giving way to anxiety and unease, dwelling on difficulties and troubles. It’s also a leadership killer.

Worrying will shorten your life. And it’s not healthy. Worry will put undue stress on your body and mind, activate your base instincts, and fills your body with cortisol. 

That’s something none of us want in our lives. So, what can we do about worry? We can use the following ways to overcome worry and feel a little more lighthearted in our lives.

The Art Of Giving Back

When you look at your life, do you see a life of blessings? Do you see how much you’ve been given?

You should. According to Longview Philanthropy, if you make $60,000 per year and have no children, you’re in the world’s top 1% of income earners. Have children and make $130,000 or more a year? Then you’re also in the top 1% of income earners.

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If you live in the United States, $60,000 or even $130,000 may not feel like a lot. But it is. 

With the blessings we’ve been given, we have to think about more than ourselves. 

As you read this, I want you to consider what you can do with your wealth. I want to encourage you to give back.

How To Better Manage Your Time As A Leader

I remember being amazed at plate spinners growing up. These men and women would keep plates spinning on poles for an extended amount of time. They wouldn’t fall off but be kept going by the constant movement of the performer. 

Their act looked fun. I wanted to attempt it, but any time I tried to spin something on a pole or my finger, I couldn’t keep it up.

Many leaders feel that way these days. They have so many plates spinning that there’s no time to relax. It’s constant go, go, go.

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What if there was a better way? What if you could better manage your time so that you had more time to do things only you can do?

Sounds like a dream, right? It’s not. It’s possible if you apply the time management tips I share in this post.

5 Ways Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

By now, your New Year’s Resolutions are probably fading fast from memory. You set incredible, challenging goals, but now you’re well past many imaginary goal dates. You feel like a failure.

But you’re not. You’re human. Just like the rest of us out there.

What if I told you that you can get back on track, stay on track, and achieve your goals? I believe you can.

It takes the power of visualization for your goals. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

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What Is Visualization?

Visualization isn’t difficult. We do it every day; we just don’t realize it.

Think about the time your mind wandered off. You got lost in a daydream. You visualized a reality that wasn’t there.

Now, apply that to your goals. At its core, visualization is a clear mental image of a future event or reality.