What’s Your Dream?

I don’t remember a lot of my sleeping dreams. My wife, on the other hand, can vividly recall her dreams. I often wonder why I can’t remember these kinds of dreams.

However, I do know that I have waking dreams. These dreams are what I hope to become, aspire to, or want to do with my life.

We all have both types of dreams. We don’t always recall them but they are there.

Today, I want to ask you: What’s your dream?

What’s Your Dream?

My list of dreams keeps growing as I check off the things that I’ve accomplished. Some of my dreams have been:

Creatures Of Habit

Unsurprisingly, we are creatures of habits. We do what we have regularly practiced.

You may notice that every time you grab your phone, you press the Facebook app icon. You browse for 30 minutes. Then you try to remember why you picked up your phone.

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Or, maybe, you like to play games. Instead of opening up Facebook, you open up Candy Crush. The same scenario repeats itself.

Our habits can keep us trapped in a perpetual state of repetition or they can help us excel in high-pressure situtations.

Creatures Of Habit

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said: No matter who you are, we’re creatures of habit. The better your habits are, the better they will be in pressure situations…

Let this Wayne Gretzky quote sink in for a minute.

Okay… A minute’s up.

What To Do When You Are Tired

Twenty-twenty was a trying year for many of us. Many people lost their jobs. Others, like me, lost family members. And others are still trying to figure out their lives.

Not only did 2020 try us, 2020 tired us.

I’m looking back on 2020 and seeing all of the areas that have pushed me and worn me out. Some of the ways I was worn out was:

  • Going into a government-mandated shutdown
  • Working through difficult board decisions
  • Losing my father
  • Taking a week away only to come home to a sewer backup caused by the failure of the city of Muskegon to maintain their sewer lines

I felt broken. I felt worn out. I felt tired.

I don’t think there’s been a year where I’ve ever felt this defeated. Talking to other leaders, I know I am not alone in this.

Living In Your Perfect Moment

I had the pleasure of talking to fellow coach Kevin Watson lsat year. We shared a delightful conversation about life and business. It truly was refreshing.

Through all we discussed, one point stuck out more than anything else. We talked about perfection.

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Something he said really caught my attention. He had heard another speaker talk about perfection. He had heard this speaker say “I am perfect.”

This is a bold claim.

I rarely considered anything I did perfect up until my conversation with Kevin. Now, I’ve begun to think everything I do is perfect.

Living In Your Perfect Moment

Before you think I’m being prideful or thinking too highly of myself, I want you to know that I don’t. I don’t think so highly of myself. However, I have begun to think of myself differently.

I’m hoping this article will help you think differently as well.

The 5 Styles Of Shoes Every Leader Should Own

While fashion may not be on the top of your list as a leader, fashion can play an important role in how people view you as a leader. I had previously talked with Colleen Hammond on how a leader needs to create their image.

It’s important but we often think it is not. Today, I want to share the 5 styles of shoes every leader should own. It’ll help boost not only your image but your self-confidence.

The 5 Styles Of Shoes Every Leader Should Own

People notice the shoes that we wear. My wife says it is one of the first things she notices about a person.

People will judge you based on what they see on your feet. Most of the time it will be good. Other times, people will see your shoes and judge you negatively.