Celebrating Success And Learning From Failure As A Leader

We experience good times and bad times as a leader. Those good times come from leadership successes and seeing people grow. The bad times? Those are the times we’ve failed to do what we know is right, a project goes south, or we experience an issue with team members.

There’s good news regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced success or failure. You can learn and celebrate both.

Celebrating Success And Learning From Failure As A Leader

We must celebrate success and learn from our failures. It’s how we grow and continue to thrive as leaders. People get excited when they see their good works praised. They grow and thrive when they see how they can learn from their failures.

Think about the times you’ve failed. What happens? You may beat yourself up. You may tell yourself that you never do anything right. 

Coping With Stress And Burnout As A Leader

Leaving the office doesn’t always relieve the sense of stress or frustration you feel. You often carry it home. There, you unleash that frustration on those closest to you: your family.

You know this isn’t right. Yet, the stress and impending burnout pull you in this negative direction. You’re not yourself; you’re someone who’s angry, broken, and bitter.

You want to be better than this. You don’t want to snap at your spouse, yell at your child, or fume angrily.

Did you know it’s possible? You don’t have to live a life of frustration. You don’t have to burnout. You can be something more than this.

Identifying Sources Of Stress And Burnout Of Leaders

What causes undue amounts of stress for leaders? Why do leaders burnout? 

I’ve heard these questions asked again and again. I’ve seen the results of stress and burnout. They’re not pretty. 

5 Ways Praying For Wisdom And Guidance In Leadership Helps

There’s power in prayer. The best leaders know this. They know that there’s a Heavenly Father who loves, cares for, and listens to them.

You won’t always know what to do when a leadership challenge rears its ugly head. There are questions that race through your mind. You might even think there’s no way through this challenge.

You’d be wrong. There’s always someone there for you. 

That person? God.

African American man praying. Photo is black and white

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You can talk to the creator of the universe. He will listen. He will also answer. 

I’ve found solace in my prayers to God, even the prayers I feel went unanswered. I believe God hears me and creates pathways for me. 

He can do the same for you.

5 Ways Praying For Wisdom And Guidance In Leadership Helps

But how does praying actually help you? Can it make you a better leader? Can it give you peace? Can it make a way when things are dark?

3 Ways To Establish And Maintain Healthy Work-Life Balance

I feel like my family gets the short end of the stick. I never have time to do the things I love to do. Work is always calling me and I have to answer.

These are things I hear regularly from leaders around the world. There’s never enough time to get work and life done. One or the other gets neglected.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could accomplish everything you needed at work and still spend time with loved ones doing what you love?

It’s possible. Not only is it possible but it’s something you need to do.

Man walking across a chasm. Walking a tightrope.

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3 Ways To Establish And Maintain Healthy Work-Life Balance

In this article, we will look at 3 ways you can establish and maintain a healthy work-life balance. You may be shocked at one or two of the suggestions. You may wonder why you didn’t think of these ideas before. 

5 Leadership Books To Read In November 2023

Reading is a great way to glean information from those who have gone before us, are doing things now, or are theorizing about what could be. We are able to take in their experiences without experiencing what they had to go through.

Books are a great source of knowledge. We only have to be willing to crack open that book or press play on the audiobook app of our choice.

Wooden bookshelf loaded with books

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As always, I want to give you some of the best books on leadership, personal development, and self-improvement. In this article, you will find 5 books that will take you to the next level.

5 Leadership Books To Read In November 2023

1. The Heart Of Innovation: A Field Guide For Navigating Authentic Demand by Matt Chanoff, Merrick Furst, Daniel Sabbah, and Mark Wegman:

Do you know the challenges you’ll face as an innovator? Are you wanting to change your industry but don’t know how? Chanoff, Furst, Sabbah, and Wegman take a deep dive into the heart of innovation, what works, and what not to do.