The Power Of Changing Your Mind

People are stubborn. Once they have a belief, they struggle to reimagine something new.

Now, if people are stubborn, leaders can be hard-headed and impossible to change!

Not really. However, it is how we feel sometimes.

We hold tight to our ideals. We believe we know best.

Yet, we don’t. We are not perfect. Nor are the ideals that we hold so tightly.

Today’s challenge for you is to examine what you think about and see if you need to change your mind. Why? Because there’s power in changing your mind.

The Power Of Changing Your Mind

Throughout the years, I’ve held tightly to many different beliefs. Some of these beliefs I would never change. Others, they’ve changed multiple times.

Looking back, I see there’s power in changing my mind. The changes I’ve made to what I think about and believe have been life-altering.

Your Attitude Is Important

Have you ever been around a Debbie Downer? You know the type… They’re always in a funk. Their day never goes right. Someone is always trying to bring them down.

It’s a vicious cycle. It’s a cycle that pushes people away.

Man with a bad attitude behind bars

Photo by Pablo Padilla on Unsplash

Most people don’t want to be near a Debbie Downer. Their negative attitude is a huge turn-off.

Don’t get me wrong, there are reasons to be down. We don’t have to stay there. We have control of something that can turn our lives around.

Your Attitude Is Important

When you learn to control your attitude, you can make more of yourself. It is amazing all of the things your attitude will impact.

Your attitude will impact:

  • Your behavior
  • How you view yourself
  • How you view the world
  • What you think about success
  • The way you work

Do You Have A Challenger Group?

Everyone talks about mastermind groups. These are groups of people who help you define your business ideas, become a better person, or encourage you.

Mastermind groups are great. I’ve seen much of my success come from hanging out with similar, like-minded people.

However, my thought process has begun to change on the types of people I hang out with or want to hang around.

Woman rock climbing

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Masterminds are typically people who are like-minded. This means they think similarly to you.

I’ve found this to be limiting. Like-minded people rarely stretch me. We find ourselves agreeing on too much and not changing our limiting beliefs.

Instead, I have begun seeking out challenger groups.

What Is A Challenger Group?

A challenger group can be made up of like-minded people; however the more diverse and different thinking the group, the better.

What Do You Want To Do?

Everyone wants more time. They want to spend more time with their kids. They want to travel more. They want to enjoy life more.

It’s a fact of life that we all desire to do and be something more. Most people aren’t pursuing what they want.


I think I discovered a significant reason why during a meeting with an ERP reseller for Acumatica. Larry, from an organization called Algorithm, asked those of us in the room a question. Larry asked:

If you won the PowerBall megamillions tonight and you had to continue to work, what would you do?

Others in the room had a quick answer. They shot off multiple different ideas.

Me… I sat and thought about it for a bit. Then some ideas began to flow.

What would I do? I would choose from the following:

How To Maintain Good Mental Health

There are times when life is stressful, and it’s easy to let our minds wander to dark places. At these times, it’s important to remember that we have control over the quality of our lives. We can make decisions that put our minds at ease and take steps to ensure that our minds remain healthy.

A healthy mental mindset is crucially important for leaders. You’re not looking out for yourself only. You’re also looking out for your team.

When your mind wanders to dark places, the people you lead are impacted. We need to make sure our mental health is in a positive place.

How do you do this? We’re going to look at how to maintain good mental health in today’s article. I hope this will help you keep your mental health healthy or begin moving you toward better mental health.