Overcoming Fear

The fear that holds us back is often unfounded fear. It is not the good fear that keeps us safe.

We become fearful over the state of the economy, the weather conditions, even our ability to perform well.

Fear holds us back.

Man exciting a fearful looking cave while overcoming fear

Photo by Joe Pearson on Unsplash

I think back to when I started to write Reel LeadershipReel Leadership is the book I wrote last year. In it, I share how to use movies to become a better leader.

But Reel Leadership almost didn’t happen. I had let my fear keep me from writing it.

Many parents know the fear of someone thinking their baby is ugly. Whenever we create, we have that paternal fear. We fear people won’t like what we create.

That was me. Until it wasn’t.

What did it take for me to overcome fear?

Break Out Of YOUR Rut

I recently changed my login password for my computer. The password had become compromised. I knew I could no longer keep the password.

I logged into the computer. Changed the password. Went on about my day.


I locked my computer. When I returned, I typed the old password. The computer didn’t like that. It told me I had an incorrect password.


Weeks later, I am still stuck in the rut of typing the wrong password. I’ll return to the office, sit down, and type the password. Whoops, it’s the wrong password. Or I’ll return from the vending machine and type the password. Wrong password again.

Thankfully, the longer the password has been changed, the more I’m catching it.

Break Out Of YOUR Rut

My password change alerted me to the rut I was stuck in. I had a regular routine. The routine had me doing the same thing again and again.

It’s Okay To Not Be Good

It’s easy to look at someone else and think “Man, they’re good. They always do the right thing. They always make the right decision.”

It’s easy to think everyone else is good while you’re not.

We get this way in our hobbies. We don’t want to pick up a pencil to try our hand at sketching. The fear becomes your first time trying won’t be good.

Maybe you’re scared to write a song. You think it won’t be good. It probably won’t.

You may not want to put pen to paper or keyboard to screen and write something because you think no one will like it.

We’re all fearful of starting something new. We know we may struggle to get good at what we want.

Why Every Leader Needs A Hobby

With so much of our day spent dealing with the problems that arise from leading others, it is easy to think you don’t have time for a hobby. It’s a fallacy many leaders fall into. Failing to have a hobby is also one of the reasons many leaders stumble and face burnout.

I was reminded of this as I listened to Adam Grant’s new book Power Moves. In it, one of the Davos attendees he talks to David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Person fishing in a lake with a silver and black fishing pole

Photo by Alan BishopDavid Solomon isn’t the straight-laced CEO you might think of when you think of Goldman Sachs. Outside of work, David spends his free time on his hobby: DJing at clubs and events. He goes by the name of DJ D-Sol and rocks clubs all around the world.

He found an outlet for the stress of his job. Using his hobby of DJing, he is able to relax and decompress to avoid burnout.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

There are times when we struggle to figure out what to do next. How do you put one foot in front of the other when you can’t even take the next step? That’s life sometimes.

We are hit with unexpected life circumstances. Your spouse decides to leave you. A child (or dog) dies. You get laid off.

Confused man sitting on the couch not knowing what to do

Photo by Nik Shuliaahin

These life circumstances make your next decision difficult. How do you continue forward after such a blow?

Life Isn’t Rosy

You’ve been hit by a bad life circumstance. Maybe you’ve experienced one of the ones I’ve already mentioned. Maybe you’ve encountered a life circumstance worse than one of those.

Whatever situation you’re currently in, it might not be so rosy. You may feel like God has abandoned you. Or your friends and family have turned their back on you.