4 Ways To Grow Your Network

Besides your skills and abilities, your network is your best resource. Your network consists of friends, family members, colleagues, and former business partners.

Sometimes, your network extends further than that. Your network can also include people you’ve met at social networking events or people you had a fantastic conversation with on the elevator.

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Whatever your network is, you can always strive to increase the size of your network. The more people in your network, the more people you can reach out to.

Why Would You Want To Grow Your Network?

A question you might be asking yourself is “Why would I want to grow my network?” The answer is simple.

By growing your network, you grow your ability to reach new people.

Your network can help you do the following:

  • Find new employees
  • Find yourself new employment

How To Maintain Good Mental Health

There are times when life is stressful, and it’s easy to let our minds wander to dark places. At these times, it’s important to remember that we have control over the quality of our lives. We can make decisions that put our minds at ease and take steps to ensure that our minds remain healthy.

A healthy mental mindset is crucially important for leaders. You’re not looking out for yourself only. You’re also looking out for your team.

When your mind wanders to dark places, the people you lead are impacted. We need to make sure our mental health is in a positive place.

How do you do this? We’re going to look at how to maintain good mental health in today’s article. I hope this will help you keep your mental health healthy or begin moving you toward better mental health.

Dealing With Negative Criticism

In December, I released my book, Reel Leadership. It was a continuation of the work I’ve done on the blog. Since the Reel Leadership articles tend to receive the most feedback and visits, I wanted to create a fantastic book that people would love.

For the most part, the feedback has been positive. People have enjoyed reading the stories of other leaders, movie professionals, and everyday Joes.

Then, the critics come…

And another…

And one more…
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The criticism hurts. You don’t want to hear what you did wrong. You want to hear what you did right.

Despite this, I am learning how to embrace negative criticism.

I don’t want to be so hardened or proud of myself that I can’t take criticism. I want, instead, for criticism to be a starting point for a conversation, whether that’s in my mind or with the individual.

Overcoming Fear

The fear that holds us back is often unfounded fear. It is not the good fear that keeps us safe.

We become fearful over the state of the economy, the weather conditions, even our ability to perform well.

Fear holds us back.

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I think back to when I started to write Reel LeadershipReel Leadership is the book I wrote last year. In it, I share how to use movies to become a better leader.

But Reel Leadership almost didn’t happen. I had let my fear keep me from writing it.

Many parents know the fear of someone thinking their baby is ugly. Whenever we create, we have that paternal fear. We fear people won’t like what we create.

That was me. Until it wasn’t.

What did it take for me to overcome fear?

Overcoming Fear

Break Out Of YOUR Rut

I recently changed my login password for my computer. The password had become compromised. I knew I could no longer keep the password.

I logged into the computer. Changed the password. Went on about my day.


I locked my computer. When I returned, I typed the old password. The computer didn’t like that. It told me I had an incorrect password.


Weeks later, I am still stuck in the rut of typing the wrong password. I’ll return to the office, sit down, and type the password. Whoops, it’s the wrong password. Or I’ll return from the vending machine and type the password. Wrong password again.

Thankfully, the longer the password has been changed, the more I’m catching it.

Break Out Of YOUR Rut

My password change alerted me to the rut I was stuck in. I had a regular routine. The routine had me doing the same thing again and again.