Leadership Quotes From Team World Vision’s National Leader’s Gathering 2024

You can tell a great organization by the way they treat their people. One of the best organizations is Team World Vision. They’re working to end the global water crisis by giving everyone access to clean water.

Their work is far-ranging and goes beyond just clean water. They also work to provide nutritious food and health care. It’s the reason I run for them and the awareness of the need for clean water.

This year, I’m running the London Marathon to do this. My goal is to raise $25,000 and bring clean water and life to 500 children. Every $50 raised is a child whose life is changed.

Group photo of people at the Team World Vision National Leader's Gathering 2024. Many in bright orange shirts.

One of the things Team World Vision does is celebrate their leaders. They provide access to regional leaders to help guide them as they lead their local team. They also provide encouragement during the difficult times. Maybe the most amazing thing is they also put together an engaging and informative National Leader’s Gathering to thank them and equip them for the upcoming year.

Leadership Reflections From The Amway River Bank Run 2023

I participated in the Amway River Bank 25K run this past Sunday. It’s an annual event that was started in 1978. The race, a 15.5-mile stroll through downtown Grand Rapids and more, is one of scenic beauty. You run past the John Ball Park Zoo, along the river bank, and back into the city. Every part of the run can take your breath away.

Over the years, the sponsors have changed. It started as the Old Kent River Bank Run, transitioned into the Fifth Third River Bank Run, and is now the Amway River Bank Run. There’s a lot of history in the race and people are proud.

Something unique about the race is the distance. You hear about 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon but the 25k is an elusive distance. It’s one that brings in runners from all across the country. Over 10,000 people ran in this race. It’s quite the experience to run with that many people!

Leadership Lessons From A 200-Mile Ragnar Relay Race

A few months ago, I was approached by a local pastor to do something crazy. He had put together a team of runners to run the Ragnar Michigan relay. This run takes runners from Muskegon, Mi to Traverse City, Mi for a 200-ish mile run.

The Dogman Bounty Runners Ragnar Road Michigan 2022 running team

The Dogman Bounty Runners At The Finish Of Ragnar 2022 Michigan

The team consisted of 12 runners, a driver, and two volunteers for the event. That’s a lot of people, with most of them being inside a 15-passenger van. The thought of it reminded me of the Five Iron Frenzy song Superpowers. One line of the song went like this:

Eight people in a stinky van, a couple more couldn’t hurt.

I guess the guys and gal in Five Iron Frenzy were right. A few more people in a stinky van wouldn’t hurt as we all rode peacefully to each leg of the race to cheer each other on.

Leadership Lessons From My First Official Half Marathon

Two years ago I did something crazy. I partnered with my pastor and a couple of friends to run a half marathon at 3 AM in the morning.

Little did I know what that experience would bring. It was a time of bonding, growth, and helping the less fortunate.

This half marathon was unofficial and untimed.

Half marathon runner high-fiving children

Photo by Ryan Hanson

Last year, I did something I believed I never could. I ran my first official full marathon. The marathon run was challenging, frustrating, and heart-wrenching.

That’s why, this year, when the opportunity presented itself to run for Team World Vision and clean water again, I begrudgingly said yes. I chose to run the Metro Health Grand Rapids Half Marathon because of clean water.

I ran the Metro Health Grand Rapids Half Marathon this past Sunday, October 20th. It was a much better experience than the previous year. It has me excited for the next half marathon in June.

Five leadership insights you can learn from running a 5K

Image: Pamela Lalonde/About to cross the finish line.

In my first post, I talk about Preparing For My First 5K. It has been a few weeks since I published that post and I completed my first 5K on October 15th, 2011.

It was a great time running with my brother Steve, his friend James, and my youth pastor Rick. Steve and James decided to dress up as super heroes to run the race. You can see a great picture of them below.

James provided a great inspirational story. A year ago he was involved in a bad motorcycle wreck and had extensive reconstructive surgery from the waist down. During his recovery, he has lost 40lbs and become very health conscious. It was my pleasure to run with him in this 5K.