Why Changing Directions Isn’t A Waste

We’ve all seen the memes about how close we can be to success when we turn around. They show a man with a mining ax digging furiously through dirt and rock to reach a giant diamond or a stash of gold. The miner turns around. He’s discouraged because he hasn’t broken through to the other side. We see the reality. There’s the stash. It’s JUST beyond the thin wall of dirt and stone.

Below him is another picture. The same situation is playing out. The miner is going at it furiously. He’s breaking through to the reward of all his hard work. He breaks the wall and is able to reap the rewards of everything he’s done to get there.

Man holding a compass

Know When To Change Directions – Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

Which miner was right? Was the miner who turned away just before reaching the payout, right? Was he wrong?

Motivation Vs. Discipline

Celeste Kieft, a Human Resource Manager, sent out a message to the team at Bold Furniture. The message was profound and timely. It is a message we should all take to heart.

In today’s article, I am going to paraphrase her message and encourage you to think about motivation vs. discipline.

Celeste was reminding team members to wear safety glasses or side shields. This is for the team members’ protection and a big safety concern. Yet, the team members did not see it this way.

The response Celeste heard was: “There are too many other issues to worry about something as small as side shields.”

Ouch! Can you believe that response?

While true, there are a lot of things happening in our facilities including merging two buildings, relaunching a second shift, and more, this is not the response to give someone. The response shows there’s a lack of motivation. More so, it shows a lack of discipline.

The Risks Of Playing Things Too Safe

When people think of risk, they think of things being unsafe. The lack of safety leads to injury or trouble.

Yeah, there are those kinds of risk. But there’s an even bigger risk.

The risk of playing things too safe…

Isn’t safety the opposite of risk? Yes and no.

Being safe does prevent bad things from happening. It keeps people in line. Safety helps people avoid any risk.

But then safety becomes a risk when people are unwilling to do anything outside of their comfort zone or that could go wrong.

Think about a time you played things a little too safe. It could be failing to buy Bitcoin when someone close to you told you to buy it at $400. It could be you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings so you didn’t have the difficult conversation that could have resulted in a broken relationship.

What Are You Focusing On?

I saw a cute meme recently. The headline of the meme was: This is why dogs are happier

The photo showed a man and his dog sitting next to each other. The man had multiple thought bubbles. There were thoughts of

  • A car
  • A plane
  • A house
  • Money
Lok the Vizsla playing with his toy

A blissful moment with Lok the Vizsla

Then there was the dog. The dog had one thought bubble:

  • The dog and man sitting together

Man and dog sitting next to each other with thought bubbles

What Are You Focusing On?

This meme shows us something. We’re often lost in thought. We’re not lost in the moment.

Our minds are racing. Thoughts of our house, the next fancy car, or how we’re going to make money run through our minds.

These thoughts crowd out what is happening around us. Our focus isn’t on the present moment. Our focus is on everything else.

Start Believing In Yourself

There are days when I battle extreme bouts of self-doubt. I believe my writing isn’t up to par or that I am a failure as a husband or that I couldn’t lead someone if my life depended upon it.

These days are hard. We all have these days where we fail to believe in ourselves.

This happened especially recently.

I was going through my emails. I saw a marketing email come through. The title said something along the lines of:

Your beginning guide to writing. How to gain your first 100 fans.

My first thought was

I need this! This will help me get more eyes on my writing. It could help me become a serious writer.

Then I had to put on the brakes.

What was I thinking? I’m already a serious writer. I’m not a beginner. I’ve been writing for over a decade.