Take Action

Upon the completion of my 200-mile Ragnar Road Michigan race, I was awarded a medal. Every person who crossed the finish line received one as well.

The cool thing about the Ragnar Road Michigan race is that the 12 medals the team receives contain a message. Individually, the messages may not make much sense. Combined, they tell a story.

Yet, the medal I received contained a quote that I love to live by. The back of my medal said:

What’s the worst that could happen?

I love this phrase. The phrase helps me to push through fears and, more importantly, take action when I don’t want to.

Man leaping over water as the sun is setting

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Take Action

I think about many of the things that I have accomplished in life. Had I not asked myself what the worst that could happen was, I wouldn’t have accomplished much.

22 Things I Learned In 2022

As we ended 2022, I began reflecting upon the things I learned throughout the year. Some of these will be leadership lessons; others are things I realized about relationships, faith, and people.

It’s wise to reflect upon the things we’ve learned. If we don’t, we’ll soon forget them. Think about any time you try to learn something new. It’s the repetition and trying again and again that cements the ideas in your mind.

That’s why I’m writing this for you and for me. I want to be able to remember what I’ve learned or remembered throughout the year.

I hope some of the things I learned in 2022 will spark something in you.

22 Things I Learned In 2022

1. Selling is hard:

Reel Leadership was released at the end of 2021. Going into 2022, I knew I had a winner on my hands.

Are You The Problem?

It’s the new year. And we really need to think about something.

I want to ask you to consider whether or not you’re the problem for the ills of your life. This may not seem like a hope-filled, happy post. Yet, it can be in the end.

In my many years of leadership, I have heard of people who struggle to feel like they belong. They state that people don’t like them, they cannot find a friend group, or they cannot advance.

After talking with these people, I discover that the problem often lies within them.

Are You The Problem?

Ask yourself this question today. Think about it. Examine your actions.

My church ran the Foster Swift Grand Rapids Half Marathon in October. I felt guilty when I realized some people were not in the group photo but were at the race.

The 5 Best Places To Nurture Your Connections

Leaders are always looking to grow their networks. There are tried and not-so-true places to grow your connections. Just think about the last “networking” event you went to. You were probably pitched more than you’d like.

What if there were places where you could grow your network easily and have fun doing so? You’ll not only increase your network, but you’ll also have fun doing so.

I’ve discovered the 5best places to grow your network. They’ve worked for me. They’ll work for you.

The 5 Best Places To Nurture Your Connections

1. Local coffee shops:

The local coffee shop is my favorite place to find and nurture my connections. Coffee shops have become the new local bar.

When you find a great coffee shop, you know it. Muskegon has many great coffee shops to grow your connections. I think of The “US” Cafe, Aldea Coffee, Drip Drop Drink, and others. These local coffee shops do more than fuel your caffeine addiction.

5 Tips For Leaving A Job Well

A job is not a forever position. Throughout your life, you will have multiple jobs. The current tenure for a job is right around the 5 year mark.

This job stat means you will likely have 6 or more jobs in a 30-year career. That’s a lot of jobs!

However, it is the reality these days. Gone are the 30-year career and then retirement. People change jobs frequently!

Man in a suit jacket holding a book and briefcase bag

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Navigating job changes can be difficult. You may not understand how to leave a job well.

Today, I want to give you 5 tips on leaving your current job that will set you up for success in the future.

5 Tips For Leaving A Job Well

1. Leave on good terms (to the best of your ability):

When you leave a job, leave on the best terms possible. I know this isn’t always a reality, but you must try your best.