Why A Rough Start Isn’t The End Of Your Leadership Journey

When I first began leading, I wasn’t very good. Some would say I still can’t lead well.

But in all seriousness, we all have issues when we first begin to lead.

Rough starts are just the beginning of leadership

The Problems Of First Leading

As you begin to lead, you’ll face all sorts of trials. Team members won’t like you. You won’t lead the same way as the previous organizational leaders. Mistakes will be made.

All of these leadership issues can lead to big problems down the road if we let them.

I remember when I first started to lead.

I was young, fresh out of high school. My inexperience told me not to speak up. There’s wiser leadership in the room.

So I held my tongue. When an issue arose, I didn’t voice my concern. Instead, I felt it was the elder leaders responsibility to take action.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Since I was seen as a leader, my responsibilities were to see problems. To then bring those problems to the others leaders. And then to look for a solution.

This made my start as a leader rocky.

Who could trust a man who wasn’t willing to speak up about what was wrong? Who wants to follow someone who’s afraid to voice his opinion? Who looks to a timid young man to show the way?

Not many…

Problems Can Be Addressed

Fast forward many years. I’ve now faced many obstacles and trials in my leadership journey. I’ve weathered storms I didn’t want to and have seen amazing victories.

My problems aren’t gone. But they occur less and less.

Experience is a great teacher. She will show you the areas of your leadership that need to be corrected.

That’s the great thing. You can see where your problems are. And you can work on those problems.

Don’t let that rough start scare you. We all start out rough.

Leadership gets better and easier the more you do it. Continue to practice your skills as a leader.

Come into the office day after day. Work your butt off. Get better.

Your rough start doesn’t have to be the end of your leadership. That rough start can be the launching pad to something amazing.

Question: What issues are you facing as you begin to lead? Share your problems in the comment section below. Let others know they’re not alone.
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