5 Ways To Overcome Worry – Don’t Miss Out On The Free Checklist Included

Does your mind dwell on the difficulties or troubles of your position? Do you constantly feel stressed beyond your breaking point? Is anxiety starting to feel more like a friend than an enemy?

Then, you may be in a worry trap.

Worry is giving way to anxiety and unease, dwelling on difficulties and troubles. It’s also a leadership killer.

Worrying will shorten your life. And it’s not healthy. Worry will put undue stress on your body and mind, activate your base instincts, and fills your body with cortisol. 

That’s something none of us want in our lives. So, what can we do about worry? We can use the following ways to overcome worry and feel a little more lighthearted in our lives.

5 Ways To Overcome Worry

1. Deep breathing:

As a runner, I’ve learned to control my breathing and heart rate when under physical stress. This means focusing on my breathing, breathing deeply, and returning to a calmer place.

The same activity will help you overcome worry.

As you feel anxiousness arise, pause. Stop… Then, focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath, hold it, then release. Rinse and repeat until you feel the anxiety leave.

2. Limit fear-inducing activities such as watching the news:

There’s a lot of fear-inducing activities around us. For many, using social media (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook) can induce fear if the people you follow regularly share negative news. Then, there are the news stations that thrive on fear-inducing news.

If it bleeds, it leads is a phrase coined by William Randolph Hearst in the 1890s. He saw how news of horrific events tends to draw more attention to the story. These stories are easy to find and produce.

In our age, news stations are even more sensationalized and polarizing. The stations and websites that get the most views also bring in the most cash.

Cut out fear-inducing activities and watch the worry dissolve away.

3. Get together in community:

It’s easy to get disconnected from community. Many of us are busy working long hours, attending events that don’t matter, and finding excuses to get away from people.

That’s the wrong path to take if you want to eliminate worry.

Instead, find 3 or 4 close friends. Form a community around these people. Be willing to share your thoughts, fears, and worries with them. Allow them to help walk you through why those things won’t happen and what you can do to avoid them.

4. Exercise regularly:

Some of us worry because of our health. We live sedentary lifestyles where we don’t move our bodies.

That’s not normal. And our brains compensate for this lack of physical activity by running wild.

Get your body up and moving. Take the time to get outdoors and connect with the lush, green grass. Or join that CrossFit gym down the road. They’ll make you move your body and give you the community you need.

5. Schedule worry time:

I’m not crazy, I swear. But if you make a time and place to worry, you can corral it into a manageable feat. 

By scheduling worry time, you give yourself the freedom to think about the stressful situations and then release them when the time is up. You give your worry boundaries, just like you put boundaries around your time, hobbies, and relationships.

Try scheduling your worry times and see if that helps.

We All Worry

We all worry. We don’t all have to live in a constant state of worry. Use the above techniques to take control of your mental health and reign in the terror of worry. You’ll soon find yourself fretting less and enjoying life more.

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