5 Reasons No One Is Following You

Leaders can’t lead without followers. That seems like an obvious fact but so many people are missing this. They don’t realize no one is following them.

The other mystery is that those who do realize this conundrum don’t know why people aren’t following them.

you can't lead with no one following

You can see the problem there, can’t you? These so-called leaders are stuck doing things but they can’t get others to hop on-board.

Today, let’s look at some issues that cause leaders to lose, or never gain followers.

Why No On Is Following You

1. You don’t care: Yes, this is a big issue. And there’s 2 big areas where leaders fail here.

The first is that these leaders fail to care about their teams. People don’t want to follow those who don’t care about them.

The other area is that you don’t care about the work that you’re doing. If you don’t care, why should they?

2. You’re not doing something that is worth following: Ouch! This one hurts. Especially when it’s true.

People want to follow someone who’s changing the world. They want to make a difference and they believe they can if they’re going after others who are.

What are you doing that’s worth following?

3. You’ve yet to give a reason for others to follow you: Yeah, you may care and you may be doing something great but have you let others know what you’re doing?

By keeping others in the dark, you are holding others back from following you.

They won’t jump on-board if they don’t know what’s going on. Pull back the curtain and reveal yourself. Let others know that you want (and NEED) followers.

4. You keep changing your mind: There’s so many shiny objects that we can be chasing. And some of us are.

These new, fascinating things draw our attention away from what’s important:




That our actions seem more along the lines of schizophrenia than leadership.

Leaders know they have to set the course, plot the way, and move towards that goal.

Sure, we’ll have times where we need to change course. Yet it can’t be every other day.

Followers are looking for someone to get them to a specific destination.

5. You’re not trustworthy: Too many people want to be leaders when they fail to be trustworthy and honest.

People aren’t looking to follow liars or morally corrupt leaders. They deserve to follow trustworthy, upstanding leaders.

Question: What are some other reasons people aren’t following so-called leaders? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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