How Personal Development Nurtures Success

Personal development is vital to any kind of success in your life. Whether you want to be a better husband, mother, business leader, or person, you must work on yourself.

Thus, personal development nurtures success.

You’re not going to find personal development easy. It’s not a light task. You will have to work hard. This journey will take you on a pathway of exploring yourself, discovering what needs to change, and figuring out how to implement those changes. When we see ourselves as needing to improve, it can be painful!


The introspection you do on yourself will hurt. However, personal reflection helps you see where you need to go. So, introspect and grow. 

How Personal Development Nurtures Success

There are steps you can take to continue your personal development journey so that you can become more successful. The most successful people do it, even Oprah Winfrey.

One of the things Oprah has done is to incorporate the habit of gratitude into her daily routine. In an article she wrote for O, The Oprah Magazine, she shared how she has maintained a gratitude journal for more than a decade. This habit has improved her attitude toward life and helped her become more content. 

Another step you can take to nurture success through personal development is to read great books. There are amazing authors who share their life experiences and knowledge to help you grow without you having to go through the challenges they did. Pick up a great book to develop yourself and edge closer to success.

I’ve found more success in my life by being open to trying new things. From ice climbing to skydiving to running a full marathon, these challenges have developed important attributes needed for success. Ice climbing created bonds with strangers who are no longer strangers and helped me trust other people. Skydiving helped temper my fear of heights. And running a full marathon helped me develop resilience, a can-do mindset, and endurance (did you know I’m running another full marathon in April? If you’d like to help me bring clean water to children, you can donate here).

As you progress on the personal development journey, you swiftly advance toward success. The journey is indeed demanding and tedious at times, but once you attain your goal, you’ll realize that the investment of time and effort you put into your personal development was well worth the outcome. Simply put, personal development nurtures the very roots of success. Each step taken on the path of self-improvement leads you closer to your ultimate goal.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

You’re going to encounter struggles as you seek to improve yourself, especially as you make New Year’s Resolutions, hit the gym, and look to improve other areas of your life.

The key to winning is to never stop. You have to tell yourself that you can’t stop. That you won’t stop.

Every step you take in the direction of personal development will add to your success. Don’t give up just because it’s hard. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

Be the person who sees themselves constantly improving, even if it is only 1% at a time. That 1% will add up and compound, just like compound interest on your investments. 

Every incremental action you take to develop yourself will add to your success. 

Keep at it. I believe in you. You can do this.

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