Are You Ready To Make Radical Changes In Your Life?

You’re probably wondering why there’s an email in your mailbox from me on a Tuesday. I know, I know. I said my normal schedule would be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Well, I wanted to let you know about a new program that my friend, Kimanzi Constable, and Jeremy Jones have created.

Kimanzi Constable has drastically changed his life over the past few years. He’s gone from being a bread delivery man to living his dream of inspiring and motivating others. He’s spoken nationally and internationally. The man has passion and he’s moving forward.

Jeremy Jones is passionate about helping people uncover what they were created to do. He helps people to push forward and leave a positive impact.

They’ve paired together to offer you the knowledge they’ve gained over the years as they struggled to find their way. Tonight, they’re offering free access for the first 20 people who register to their first tele-seminar.

There will be 9 weeks of classes to inspire you to live the life you’ve dreamed of. Each class will follow one of the steps from Kimanzi’s book, which you’ll get free as a bonus. Though the class you’ll get an idea of how to radically change your life and to follow your dreams.

You’ll also build relationships with others in the class. This helps to keep you accountable, network, and build lasting relationships.

If you’re ready to make radical changes in your life, I recommend you check it out.

To see what the course has to offer, click HERE.

You can register for the event by clicking HERE. Fill in your information and you’ll be ready to go.


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