What To Do When You Hit A Brick Wall

We like to believe that we’re on the right path when things are going well. Doors are opening. And the path is clear.

When we come to a brick wall and hit it full speed, we like to think we’re doing something wrong.

But are we really doing something wrong?

Brick Wall

Image by Claus Rebler

Now, I’ve never run into a brick wall. At least that I can remember.

Though I have run into roadblocks in my life. Events and circumstances which caused me to think I was going in the wrong direction.

These experiences have taught me it’s not always the case. There will be times when we run smack-dab into a wall.

In an interview, the great skateboarder Tony Hawk recalled his first time on a skateboard.

Tony way 10 years old. His brother had a sick skateboard.

He grabbed his brothers skateboard and began to kick and gain speed.He’s having a blast. It wasn’t to last…

Before long he saw a brick wall in front of him.

Desperate, he asked his brother how to turn.

No answer. No answer. No answer… And then BAM! Tony Hawk hit the wall.

And with hitting the wall, Tony’s career could have been over. He could have said “I hit a wall. I must be doing something wrong. I need to quit.”

Instead, he Tony got back up, hopped onto the skateboard, and went in the other direction.

As you can guess, he eventually learned how to turn on a skateboard. And much more.

This reminds me of the trials and difficulties we face in our lives.

We’ll be heading for our dreams. A goal for our team. A new level in our marriage.

Only to face an overwhelming obstacle.

When we see this obstacle, we back up and say “We must be doing something wrong. We need to give up on this goal.”

No! No! No!

You cannot say those words.

You need to look at the event in the grand scheme of things. Decide what’s important. If this is an obstacle that can be overcome.

Is the brick wall really permanent? Or do you need more practice before you can avoid the brick wall?

When you hit a brick wall, pick yourself back up. Practice up on your skills. And then go back and face the brick wall like Tony Hawk did.

Question: What do you do when you run into a brick wall? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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