5 Questions To Consider About AI In Business

A thousand questions are swirling about Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business leaders. Some of these questions revolve around the ethicalness of the technology. Others involve how to use AI in the best way possible.

No matter how many questions we ask about AI, there will always be more. However, I think critical questions need to be asked, thought through, and figured out when using AI in your business.

In this article, we will share those questions. Maybe an idea or a new question will pop up along the way. Great, consider those as well!

White AI robot standing in a shop. Its arms are spread open.

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5 Questions To Consider About AI In Business

1. How can I ethically use AI?

There’s a lot of grey area when it comes to artificial intelligence. We know that AI scraps existing data sets from the internet, extrapolates the data, and gives it to us in a new way.


What do the original creators of the content think about this? The ethical side of AI really comes out in the art world. Having friends who are comic book artists, there’s a wide range of thoughts on this.

Consider the ethical side of AI creation. Where is it getting its data from? Are people being properly credited? Can you copyright the content created by AI (so far, the answer is no)?

2. Should I alter AI-created content?

AI will kick out some fantastic content. I’ve seen this firsthand via my experimentations with Midjourney, Magai, and other AI software. With the right AI prompts, you get images and content that can blow you away.

What should you do with these AI-generated content pieces? 

It’s up to you, but it’s something you have to consider. Anything I generate via AI, I go back and edit. I will tweak the copy that has been created, remove sections, or add new pieces to it.

The choice is yours, but I highly recommend altering the content after it is created.

3. How will competitors use AI?

This is a huge question to ask and answer when using AI in your organization. You have to be able to think through what your competitors are using AI for. 

By figuring this out, you can stay ahead of the competition while upping your knowledge of the software and tools used. You’ve got to look for areas where AI can significantly improve your productivity, processes, and offerings.

4. What AI software should we use?

There are so many AI software companies out there it can be challenging to choose which software to use. I was recently at a lunch and learn about AI and how to use the technology. The company hosting the event passed out a resource listing multiple AI software to consider.

Do you know how many companies were listed? Five? Ten? More?

Twenty-nine companies were listed. However, there were more AI companies talked about than just those 29. 

There’s a lot out there.

Understanding how the different AI software works will help you understand which ones you should use. 

5. How do we verify the AI content is correct?

Some people put in an AI prompt, let the content flow, and release it to the world. This is a mistake.

Content generated by AI is not always correct. There may be statistical errors, misspellings, or flaws in the programming code it produces.

You must determine ways to confirm the AI content is correct and useful. If not, your organization could land itself in big trouble if the content harms someone using it.

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