Live A Model Life

It seems that there’s a model for everything. A model home, toy models, and more.

But why do we have models? It’s simple. A model is an example of something that is or could be.

This could be a model of a Vought F4U-1A from World War 2. It could be the luxury home you’ve been drooling over. Or it could be a, drumroll please, model life.

Model airplane sitting on a table

Photo by Matias Luge on Unsplash

Live A Model Life

I want you to think about the model life. What does this look like to you?

A model life could include:

  • Regularly helping others at the local church
  • Encouraging the people on your team
  • Spending copious amounts of time with your family
  • Enjoying a backpacking trip through the Appalachian Trail
  • Speaking kindly to strangers
  • Giving your tithes and offerings to your church
  • Making dinner for your next-door neighbor
  • Staying on task at the office

There are plenty of things that make up a model life. You only have to figure out what a model life looks like for you. Then, you need to begin living the life you think is model worthy.

By doing this, you become the model. Others already look up to you because of your position at work. Live a life people want to look up to and model outside of the office.

I want my biggest legacy not to be what I do at my job or the books I write. I want my legacy to be my friends, family, and future generations to look at my life and for them to say it was a life they would have wanted to live. I want them to see a model of love, of faith, of caring.

These are the things I want my life to model.

What’s your life modeling today? Is this a model you would want your children or grandchildren to follow?

Yes? Then good. Keep living the model life. Keep influencing others. Help them to see the change and positive influence they can be on the rest of the world.

No? Then change the model. Begin working on yourself internally. Make small changes that become significant changes. People won’t initially notice. There will come a time when they do. Your change is where the hard work comes in.

The work will be hard. You’ll have to break years of bad habits. You’ll have to accept responsibility. You may even have to apologize to those you’ve hurt.

Do these things and your life will begin to change. Your life will no longer be a life of greed, selfishness, and forgoing your family.

Instead, your life will start to become a model worthy of being followed.

What Inspired This Post

You may be wondering why I wrote this post. Good question. I was inspired by a quote I read by Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks decided she would not give up her bus seat because she was African American. Her value was no less than the man who wanted her seat.

She modeled her life in a way that would direct others.

With that, I want to leave you with the quote by Rosa Parks:

Each person must live their life as a model for others.

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