7 Effective Ways You Can Shepherd Your Community

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The world is at a loss for genuinely inspiring people to lead. Politicians serve themselves, but you can help others by becoming a pillar of society. With simple charitable acts, you can shepherd your community from a position of care and understanding. Through the physical and spiritual healing of others, you can therefore help nourish your own soul. 

Be a Spiritual Leader

In times of crisis, people turn towards their leaders. You could be that leader. Districts of the government might cause any to seek answers elsewhere. You may not have the answer, but you can provide comfort. An online bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership will give you the tools and certification you need to become a recognized Christian leader. 

Lead by Example

As a leader, people will look to you for guidance. Yet guidance doesn’t only come from oratory advice and quotes from the excellent book. Leading by example is a powerful tool you can use to help those seeking help. Leading by example allows you to become the change you wish to see and hope others will follow and pay it forward.

Donate Your Time

Wealth isn’t solely measured by financial assets. It is also the amount of time, resources, and community you have. Such things include family responsibilities, community ties, and ties to spare helping others. For example, just one hour a day could be spent packing food for those without or serving the hungry in a soup kitchen. In turn, the wealth of the soul is the reward.

Listen and Understand

People generally look up to you if you are in a respectable position as a community leader or advisor. Therefore they may come to you with their problems and ask for guidance. This is a privileged position that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is, therefore, necessary to listen to issues, concerns, and stresses. Then advise an understanding solution as you would act yourself.

Offer a Helping Hand

Almost everyone goes through a time of need. You may have been through a difficult period yourself. When the Covid-19 pandemic prevented social interaction or when the financial crash of 2008 cost millions of jobs and people were left in abject poverty. When you can help someone in need, do what is needed. Whether it’s guiding someone through addiction or sparing some food.

Guide the Lost

There are millions of lost souls in the world. As a spiritual leader, you can help bring them back to being their better selves. The 12 steps program was created by a community leader who saw the need to help those on the fringes of society. Today, community groups such as alcoholics and narcotics anonymously help millions of people per year with a 50% success rate. 

Help the Needy

What a better world we would have if everyone helped each other. Unfortunately, help rarely comes as often as we would like. You can spare a little change, offer the coat from your back or a sandwich from your bag. It might not be much to you, but for that one person, at that time, it can make a massive difference to their wellbeing.


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