Move To The Next Level Of Leadership

Are you ready to move to the next level of leadership? Obtain that next level of responsibility or to guide more people?

You might not like what it’ll take to get there. To step up to the next level of leadership.

Marshall Lawrence playing Les Paul guitar

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This journey won’t be easy. It definitely won’t be comfortable. However, it’s necessary. It’s worth it. And you’ll see growth.

The Comfort Zone

We all have comfort zones. Areas where we are competent and confident. Our skills can be displayed but they’re not really tested.

I remember trying to learn to play the electric guitar. There were weeks of lessons. Some practice. Lots of frustration.

Over time, I began to fall back on the song Glycerin by Bush. It was the first song I’d learned. The chords were simple. The melody easy to remember.

Glycerin became my comfort zone when playing the guitar.

You’ll discover your leadership has a comfort zone. A place where you really shine and know what you’re doing.

It may be you’re an extrovert and love interacting with others. You excel at forming relationships and connections. Life is good in this zone.

The Growth Zone

Because I kept focusing on playing Glycerin, I found myself not progressing as a guitar player. My skills weren’t being stretched and I wasn’t learning anything new.

This produced a problem. I had stopped growing. Until I stopped playing altogether.

Whenever we fall into the comfort zone, we’re in danger. We’re in danger of not growing. Of falling back. Of no progress.

Growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone. It happens in the growth zone.

Getting into the growth zone is the only way you can move to the next level of leadership.

I’m not saying to leave your strengths behind and work on your weaknesses. We know this isn’t effective.

What I’m telling you is you need to step outside of the boundaries you’ve set for yourself. Find the edge of your comfort zone and step outside of it.

Go where your strengths are pulling you. Go where your strengths are needed. Most importantly, go where your strengths are tested.

Only through testing will your strengths become fully developed. You’ll level up your strengths.

As you do, you’ll begin to see more opportunities to lead.

This will allow you to step up to the next level of leadership.

Developed skills. Strengthened skills. Tested skills.

These are the keys to moving forward.

Question: What comfort zone do you need to step out of? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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