How Leaders Can Support Digital Skills Development For Their Team

Having a workplace full of people who are confident in new and upcoming digital technologies is essential. Sadly, many organizations are okay with their employees falling behind in the technological race.

The great leaders out there know that this cannot happen in their organizations. They know that they have to support digital skills development for their team.

Some leaders want to do this but struggle with figuring out how to do it. They may even lack the skills themselves.

In this article, I want to look at a few ways you can support your team and help them develop the digital skills they will need to succeed.

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How Leaders Can Support Digital Skills Development For Their Team

Create a culture of learning:

If you want to be there to support your team in growing their digital skills, you have to create a culture of learning. This will encourage your team members to look for ways to grow.

Leaders can help foster a culture of learning by:

  • Enabling your team members to develop new skills. If you hear of a team member interested in something new, allow them to try it out. You’ll be surprised how many team members want to grow and learn. They know this will make them a more valuable employee, especially in challenging business times.
  • Recgonize employees who are trying new things. You can encourage a learning culture by recognizing those you see trying new things. They’re trying new things because they want to learn about them and increase their skill sets. When you mention that you see their willingness to try something new, you encourage them to keep learning.

Mentoring and coaching opportunities

You may not be the wisest one regarding digital technology or skills, yet you probably know people who are. Connect with these people to see if they’d be willing to come in and mentor people on your team. This will give your people a hands-on experience with people in the know.

These mentors and/or coaches can help your team learn new skills in the following areas and more!

Your team will thrive when you give them the opportunity to be mentored or coached.

Give them access to networking and professional development events

What if you don’t have the connections to make with the movers and shakers in the digital skills arena? Think about helping them find connections through networking and professional development events.

These could include events such as WordCamp, where they are able to meet with people creating blogs and digital content. Or it could be a local meetup where they are introduced to local rock stars who are making a move in the digital space.

You don’t have to have all the connections or know-how. You can help by giving them access to the events that do!

Provide positive feedback and recognition

I already mentioned recognition in an earlier tip, but feedback and recognition are so important I wanted to make sure to include it in the last tip I give.

If your team members are not receiving feedback, especially encouraging feedback, when they’re trying to develop new skills, they’ll give up. They’ll feel like no one notices or cares.

Until another organization sees the work they’re doing and recognizes them.

Give regular positive feedback and recognition.

This can be hard, especially if the team member isn’t making great strides. However, you can give positive feedback that highlights what needs to be improved. Don’t be scared to positively identify what could have been done better.

The New Digital World

The world is changing. Your organization needs people with digital skills. You can help foster this kind of environment.

Use the tips I give above to encourage your team to grow. Use them to increase the digital skill knowledge within your organization.

You’ll begin to see your team and organization thrive as you implement the strategies, see them grow, and find increased productivity.

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