18 Quotes From Amazing Books

Reading is one of the easiest, quickest ways to increase your knowledge. You can get the wisdom and experience of an author distilled down into a 150-300 page book.

The author pours his heart and soul into the book. He reflects back on his past experiences. And he then shares those insights to the world.

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Too often, we forget how much hard work goes into the book writing process. We neglect to think about how much the author slaved over writing something people would want to read.

Today, I want to share 18 quotes from various books and authors that have helped shape the way I view the world.

18 Quotes From Amazing Books

1. Start With Your People by Brian Dixon:

You start with your people by showing up for them.

I Want More Toxic People In My Life

At the beginning of every new year, you see people making declarations. I’m going to be a better person. I will move on from old hurts. Or, and I love this one, I will get the toxic people out of my life.

Who are the toxic people in your life? Are they really toxic? Are you following a Biblical example by declaring this?

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These are the thoughts that run through my mind whenever I see people declare they are done with toxic people. Today, I want to make a new declaration. I am not done with toxic people. In fact, I want more toxic people in my life.

Now that’s a bold declaration. But I will tell you why I want more of these people in my life.

Why I Want More Toxic People In My Life

Call me crazy but I love toxic people. Nancy Irwin defines toxic people as those who are abusive, unsupportive, or unhealthy emotionally.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Top Gun

A Reel Leadership Flashback Article

Muscle-bound guys. Volleyball on the beach. Fast jets. It’s gotta be an 80’s movie. And it is!

Top Gun, the classic Tom Cruze, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Meg Ryan movie is jam-packed with leadership lessons. With Top Gun 2 releasing soon, I thought looking at the leadership lessons in Top Gun would be a fun experiment.

You cannot walk away from Top Gun without thinking of the ways you can lead better.

Anthony Edwards and Tom Cruise in Top Gun 1986

Top Gun will help you become a better leader… If you watch it with a Reel Leadership eye.

I know you. You can do this. You will do this!

So, let’s dive into the leadership lessons in Top Gun.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Top Gun

1. Shiny objects can blind you to the dangers around you:

Cougar (John Stockwell) and Merlin (Tim Robbins) were pursuing a MIG fighter plane. They were on its tail only to lose the plane.

Are You Addicted To Struggle Porn?

We already know traditional pornography is dangerous. Watching porn changes the way our minds are wired and gives us an unhealthy view of sex. There’s even more issues with porn than I can list.

Men, especially, struggle with porn. The allure of a beautiful woman. The fantasies that get to play out in front of you. And the lust of the heart. These can be so hard to resist but we must.

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Be careful of porn. Porn is dangerous. It destroys lives and relationships. There’s another kind of porn that destroys lives as well.

This porn is what I like to call Struggle Porn.

What Is Struggle Porn?

Struggle porn is a growing problem for leaders and entrepreneurs. Struggle porn has recently crept into our lives because of masterful copywriters and their knowledge of what draws people in.

The Power Of Self-Reflection

If you could go back in time and communicate with yourself, what would you tell your younger self? Michelle Hoverson had this idea and acted on it.

Out of her idea was birthed the book Mentoring Moments With Myself: Letters To My Younger Self About Life, Faith, Love, And Leadership. In this book, Michelle writes letters to her younger self. She shares the insights she has gained from the painful and joyful experiences she endured.

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The book is a joy to read.

More than that, Mentoring Moments With Myself allows you to reflect on her stories and think about what you would say to your younger self. These moments of reflection are introspective and help you clarify your thinking.

I enjoyed Mentoring Moments With Myself so much I wanted to share with you my takeaways from the book.