6 Ways Leaders Embrace Change

I’ve shared a lot about change. You know change is going to happen. You know you have to be okay with change happening…

But one thing I haven’t shared a lot about is what you can do, as a leader, about change. We’re going to lot at the things a leader can do to embrace change.

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These are habits and actions that will help you overcome your resistance to change and to grow your organization. You won’t be left holding the change basket anymore. You’ll be the one sprinkling change like a fairy.

6 Ways Leaders Embrace Change

1. Be A Listener:

One of the fastest ways to become a leader who embraces change is to become a listener. As you practice the art of listening, you begin to hear things you used to miss.

The Consequences Of Concealment

Can you think of the last time you sinned or made a mistake? You probably had a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You were scared someone would discover what you did or how you treated someone.

The feeling caused you to reel back in fear. You felt the only thing you could do was to conceal your actions and hope no one noticed what you did.

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Concealing your poor choices, actions, and sins will do you no good. In fact, concealing your actions will often lead to severe consequences.

Why We Conceal

You may not think you conceal much when you first think about this topic. Yet, I want to challenge you to think about what you’re concealing.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Onward

A Reel Leadership Article

Had I not seen the previews for the movie Onward, I don’t think Pam and I would have gone to see it. The title was nondescript and didn’t inspire anything in me to see the movie. However, the previews convinced us to see this new movie.

And I’m glad I did.

Onward Tom Holland as the voice of Ian Lightfoot, Chris Pratt as Barley Lightfoot, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the voice of Laurel Lightfoot. Ian lost his dad before he was born. On his 16th birthday, his mother, Laurel, presented him and his brother Barley with a magical staff.

Promotional image for the movie Onward. Ian and Barley sitting on top of van

His father, Wilden Lightfoot (Kyle Bornheimer), had left it for his sons. He told Laurel to give it to them when they were old enough. Along with the staff was a magic incantation to bring him back for 24 hours.

Chasing The Wrong Things

Social media is awesome. We’re able to stay in contact with old high school friends, make new friends through different groups, and discover new things we’d never know about before.

I’ve been able to contact some amazing people through social media. Social media has made my life better… in some respects.

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In others, social media is a dangerous pit you can easily be sucked into.

Chasing The Wrong Things

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… these social media platforms (along with others) have features to help you know how many people have liked, shared, and loved your posts.

Seeing these social media stats are nice. They tell you people are interacting with what you’re putting out. They tell you people like your content.

Even WordPress websites have social media tracking features. You can tell how many people have tweeted or shared your articles. Once again, this is nice. You can see what is happening with your content.

Success Isn’t Complicated

I was recently listening to a Facebook Live session hosted by Jonathan Milligan from Blogging Your Passion. He was sharing about blogging success.

He stated something profound. Well, it was profound to me, at least. Jonathan Milligan said:

Success isn’t complicated.

At first glance, you may say Jonathan’s lost his mind. His quote about success seems crazy. But the success quote isn’t.

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Take a moment. Digest what Jonathan shared in the Facebook Live session.

Is success difficult to achieve? Is it something you won’t be able to achieve?

I agree with Jonathan about success. Success isn’t complicated. Success can be very simple if you do a couple of things.