Live-Blogging From Catalyst Atlanta 2019

This year’s Catalyst Conference marks the 20th anniversary for one of the best Christian leadership conferences. In previous years, I’ve live-blogged Catalyst Atlanta as a part of the conference.

This year will be different. I am not live-blogging the event as an official part of Catalyst. I will be live-blogging the event in an unofficial capacity. This doesn’t change the great content that I will be sharing or the amazing speaker line-up you will be able to read about.

I’m in awe of the Catalyst 2019 speaker line-up. They’ve brought in some heavy hitters. You won’t be disappointed with the content these speakers share.

Catalyst Atlanta 2019 Speaker Line-Up

You will know many of the speakers that are going to be sharing at Catalyst Atlanta 2019. The list of speakers is:

Examining The Relationship Between Leaders And Time Management

This is a contributed article.

Think about leadership, and you’ll probably ponder the importance of motivational speeches and the art of managing groups. One thing that goes under the radar is time management. While managing your workload is essential for productivity, it often gets a bad rap where being a leader is concerned.

However, it’s one of the essential elements of taking control and giving people the tools they need to succeed. Without the ability to manage time effectively, you will micromanage, waste resources, and lack vision.

Here are four ways that leaders who understand the importance of time management negate these side-effects.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Downton Abbey The Movie

A Reel Leadership Article

Several episodes of the classic Downton Abbey television series provided fascinating examples of leadership and a variety of other management issues.  Now Downton Abbey, the movie, brings a story on an even grander scale – and with some outstanding lessons for today’s world.

Cast of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey opens with a picturesque scene, a historical reality that offers a thoughtful observation on today’s “tech-driven” world.  Downton Abbey is going to be the site of a royal visit from King George V and Queen Mary. The notice, originating as a hand-written note, travels by mail train, by a mail truck, by a messenger on a bike, and then is hand-delivered to Lord Grantham.  It’s an interesting scene to observe, how a message travels – clearly the opposite of instant communications today driven by just the press of a few keystrokes.

Millennials Aren’t The Problem. You Are.

Leading Millennials

Ouch, did that hurt to read as much as it did for me to type it out? The title stings. It’s accusatory. And, more often than not, I believe this is true.

Millennials aren’t the problem. Just like the Baby Boomers or Gen Xers weren’t the problem either when they began to invade the workforce.

Young man pointing his finger towards you in an accusatory manner

Photo by Adi Goldstein

The problem was and continues to be, the previous generation. That means you and I are the problem.

Millennials Aren’t The Problem

Millennials have received a bad rap. From the media to your friends and family, you’ve probably heard of the negative aspects of millennials.

Older generations are stuck in a continuous loop. Much like the generation before, they were accused of the same inaction, laziness, and downfall of the United States as the millennials are being accused.

Creating Environments Millennials Want To Work In

Leading Millennials

What does it take to get a millennial to want to come work in your organization? That’s the question that goes through the minds of many leaders.

It’s a fearful question. Thankfully, this question can also be answered.

Fun mural on an office wall hallway

Photo by Kolapo Oni

We’re going to look at what it takes to make an environment millennials want to work in. It’s going to look different than what you may have worked in before or even want to work in.

Creating Environments Millennials Want To Work In

How do we answer the question of what kind of environment do millennials want to work in? It’s easy. You take a look at what motivates and makes millennials want to work.

You do this, you will engage the millennial generation at work.

To create an environment millennials want to work in, you will have to: