5 Leadership Books To Read In January 2021

Whoa… It’s hard to believe it but we’re on the verge of a brand new year. 2021 is just around the corner.

I, for one, am hoping 2021 is different from 2020. There were so many things that challenged us and stretched us, it wore many people out. Including me.

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With January 2021 beginning in just a few days, it’s time to take a look at the books leaders should be reading in the new month. This month’s selections are good. I hope you enjoy them.

5 Leadership Books To Read In January 2021

1. The Unofficial Guide To Leadership According To Rambo by Joseph Lalonde:

One of the first books I’ve written using the Reel Leadership formula. This book examines the leadership lessons you can find in the Rambo movies.

How To Give Better Business Presentations

Stan Phelps is a master of communications. He’s penned or co-written multiple books on business, leadership, standing out, and, now, delivering business presentations.

In his latest book, Silver Goldfish, Phelps partnered with Alan Hoffler to create a great guide to giving memorable presentations.

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What I’ve discovered is that every leader is a presenter. They have to be able to clearly deliver a message that will be heard loud and clear. This makes them a presenter.

Phelps and Hoffler will help leaders become better presenters. Silver Goldfish is the pathway to this.

Today’s article will look at 3 of the 10 keys they shared in their book. I know these keys to delivering better business presentations will help you.

How To Give Better Business Presentations

Cover of the book Silver Goldfish

Impressions Matter:

Phelps and Hoffler discuss the importance of the impression you make on those you present to. This includes the way you dress, the way you hold yourself, and the first words you say.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In December 2020

Reading is a great way to discover new thoughts, challenge old thoughts, and become wiser. There’s no shortage of books out there and that’s a GOOD thing.

The knowledge of ages is stored within these tomes. They contain the blood, sweat, and tears of those who have led before us.

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Their knowledge is waiting for you to dig in.

Today, I’m sharing our once a month feature of books to read this month. I hope you enjoy this look into 5 books leaders should read.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In December 2020

1. How to win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie:

This is a classic book by all means. Carnegie shared his wisdom in this book on how to make people like you and how to influence others.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In November 2020

Every month, I want to share with you a list of 5 book recommendations. They are books that have touched my life, added value, or have helped me to become a better leader.

The books can range from fiction to non-fiction to infotainment. I believe all books can help us become better leaders.

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The books this month will be a range of books. I hope you’ll consider picking up one or two of them and adding them to your book reading collection and book list.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In November 2020

1. Silver Goldfish by Stan Phelps and Alan Hoffler:

I’ve enjoyed some of Stan’s other books including Pink Goldfish where he co-authored the book with David Rendall. Silver Goldfish is similar to his other books where he focuses on a specific topic.

The topic of Silver Goldfish is the pathway to delivering better business presentations.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In October 2020

It’s the end of September. That means it is time for another list of book recommendations.

Every month, I am sharing books I think you should read. Whether that’s the coming month or 5 months from now, these books will help you become a better leader.

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These book recommendations will be a mix of personal development, leadership development, and more. Check them out and see what you think.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In October 2020

Mastering The Game: What Video Games Can Teach Us About Success In Life by Jon D. Harrison:

Jon’s a man after my own heart. He sees life and leadership lessons in all aspects of life. His sweet spot is video games.

He’s able to look at a video game and extract life lessons out of them. You will be surprised by what you can learn from a video game!