5 Leadership Books To Read In February 2024

A great leader never stops learning. There’s multiple ways you can do this. Whether it’s additional college courses, online courses, attending seminars, Google-Fu, or some other way, the easiest way to continue to grow is by reading.

Reading can happen by cracking open a physical book (my wife loves the smell of a good book), downloading it on your eBook reader, or an audiobook. Regardless of which method you choose, reading opens you up to the insights of others. You can dive into what they’ve experienced and apply it to your organization.

This month, we’re bringing you 5 great leadership books to read.

5 Leadership Books To Read In February 2024

1. The Growth Leader: Strategies to Drive the Top and Bottom Lines by Scott K. Edinger:

Scott K. Edinger is a business growth consultant who helps leaders understand the pathway to growth. In The Growth Leader, Edinger lays out his thesis that growth is not a sales issue but a leadership issue.

5 Leadership And Personal Development Books To Read In January 2024

As the calendar turns to a new year, many people are looking for ways to improve their family life, personal life, and career. New Year Resolutions are made (approximately 80% of those are broken by February).

I know you, though. You’re not the normal New Year’s Resolution maker. You know how to make a commitment and stick with it. You want to grow, improve, and become more than what you were.

Today, I’m bringing you five of the best books on leadership and personal development. Because of that, some of these books are not new. They’re 20, 30, or even more years old. These books contain wisdom that has been passed down through the ages and has helped millions of people to improve their lives.

Are you ready? I hope so!

5 Leadership Books To Read In December 2023

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. We’re mere weeks away from that wonderful time of the year when we remember the birth of Jesus Christ (we know it’s not the ACTUAL date of Christ).

In all the holiday hubbub, we can forget to continue developing ourselves. From the Christmas parties to the buying of presents to the trips we all take, our personal development can be left behind.

Let’s not let that happen this year.

As is customary, my last post for the month will be a list of great leadership books to consider reading. These books will not only help you become a better leader, they will make you think differently.

5 Leadership Books To Read In November 2023

Reading is a great way to glean information from those who have gone before us, are doing things now, or are theorizing about what could be. We are able to take in their experiences without experiencing what they had to go through.

Books are a great source of knowledge. We only have to be willing to crack open that book or press play on the audiobook app of our choice.

Wooden bookshelf loaded with books

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As always, I want to give you some of the best books on leadership, personal development, and self-improvement. In this article, you will find 5 books that will take you to the next level.

5 Leadership Books To Read In November 2023

1. The Heart Of Innovation: A Field Guide For Navigating Authentic Demand by Matt Chanoff, Merrick Furst, Daniel Sabbah, and Mark Wegman:

Do you know the challenges you’ll face as an innovator? Are you wanting to change your industry but don’t know how? Chanoff, Furst, Sabbah, and Wegman take a deep dive into the heart of innovation, what works, and what not to do.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In October 2023

Books are a great way to consume a lot of information quickly. The authors who have written these books have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into them, creating something special.

But why does that matter?

It matters because books contain years of experience you don’t have to experience. You get to understand what happened in someone else’s life, what they did, and how it changed their lives and others. 

Shelves of books

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You get all the experience with little to no trials on your end. It’s one of the reasons I continue to bring you a new list of books every month.

Get ready, here comes your next list of books leaders should read.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In October 2023

1. Anti-Time Management: Reclaim Your Time and Revolutionize Your Results with the Power of Time Tipping by Richie Norton:

Common business knowledge tells us that we have to manage our time. But what if that wasn’t true?