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I recently had the pleasure of talking to Bryan Malinski and Robin Swift on the Servant Leadership Institute Podcast. We discussed my free eBook Leadership Is Dangerous amongst other topics.

Bryan and Robin were excellent hosts and helped create a great conversation. You can check out our discussion at

Date: October 17, 2019
Appearance: Featured On The Servant Leadership Institute Podcast
Format: Podcast

The Power Of Living And Leading With Intention

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 45

I’m thrilled to introduce today’s guest on the Answers From Leadership podcast to you. I’ve known Chris Jordan for awhile on Facebook and other social media platforms. There’s something about Chris that is so authentic and genuine. And I wanted you to get to know him.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the podcast episode!

Intentional living will change your life

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Show Notes

Chris, let our listeners know about you today.

A lot of it is done out of a passion for people. I want to see people reach their potential and beyond that.

One reason we started our business was because people weren’t living their dreams. We help people to live their dreams.

We help people recognize the gift they’ve been given. Then how to use it in the world.

The Changing Landscape Of Education And What It Means For Your Organization With Derek Magill

Answers From Leadership Podcast 44

Derek Magill is a college dropout. But don’t let that make you think Derek doesn’t know what’s going on.

Derek realized something during his time in school. He was learning more outside of the classroom. His classmates were there for the credit hours. And a successful career is not made from humanities courses.

The landscape of education is changing

Then, he went on to work on a campaign for a US congressional race. To selling guns. To doing photography. Derek’s been able to work with incredible businesses around the United States all without a college degree.

In episode 44 of the Answers From Leadership Podcast, Derek and I discuss what the changing landscape of education looks like and what that looks like for organizations today. Listen in and discover why apprenticeships are the next big thing in business.

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The Power Of Learning Leadership From The Movies

Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 43

Today’s Answers From Leadership podcast episode is slightly different. Rather than getting answers from a world-class leader, I’m doing a solo episode.

I hope you enjoy this episode where I share the benefits of watching movies, why you shouldn’t be ashamed to do so as a leader, and why moderation is okay.

The power of learning leadership from the movies

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Show Notes:

Are TV shows, music, and movies bad?

No, they’re not. They’re a form of storytelling that can bring you insights into leadership. Use them in moderation.

What is Reel Leadership

Reel Leadership is both a blog series and an upcoming book. Reel Leadership shares leadership lessons from movies and how you can apply those to your life.

You’re going to find lessons about multiple facets of leadership. There’s going to be lessons about teamwork, sacrifice, consequences, integrity, and legacy. Movies can teach us about these leadership traits and aspects.

Brand Vs. Wild With Jonathan David Lewis

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 42

Who would have guessed surviving in business is a lot like surviving lost in the wilderness. I wouldn’t but Jonathan David Lewis researched and discovered this is the case.

Jonathan has a new book, Brand Vs. Wild, that recently released and I couldn’t wait to have him on the Answers From Leadership podcast to discuss the similarities between being lost in business and lost in the wilderness, how to recover, and much more.

Interview with Jonathan David Lewis about Brand Vs. Wild

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Show Notes

How would you define leadership?

That’s a big question. It’s also in its simplest terms something around servanthood or serving others. The best leaders in my life never Lorded things over me.

The best leaders in my life I’ve always wanted to follow. I think even the concept of leading, you’re out in front of somebody and they have the choice to follow.