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The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 004

You can grow your leadership
Today’s guest is Chester Goad. Chester grew up in Appalachia (pronounced Apple-Atcha–that actually matters where he comes from). He’s the son of an auto mechanics teacher, and a retail sales gal, who fell in love and raised him in small-town USA. So who is Chester? It’s taken him some time to figure all that out, but along the way, he’s been a teacher, a principal, a congressional staffer, a Dean, and a whole lot more. Through all of that he’s figured out he values, Leadership, Learning and Life more than anything.

Show Notes:

Who is Chester Goad?

Chester is a dad, husband, a believer. He’s involved in advocacy and service in the disability arena. He also serves on an international non-profit board.Considers himself a life-long learner

On top of all that, he considers himself a life-long learner. Where he focuses on leadership, learning, and life. Last, but not least, he’s helped co-author dyslexia legislation in Tennessee.

What was it like helping to write the bill for dyslexia legislation?

He had a great time helping to pen the legislation. And he was thrilled when the bill passed in 2014.

When did you start to consider yourself a leader?

Chester’s always been interested in leadership. He was even involved with leadership during elementary school.

What leadership struggles have you faced?

One major struggle has been getting past the preconceived notions and biases he’s held.  Through this, he realized it can be a good thing when we have people around us who hold differing opinions and ideas

How did you get past your biases?

He realized that we take our biases with us wherever we go. While we can view them as baggage, our biases don’t have to be. Instead, we can view them as part of our toolbox.

In fact, biases can help shape our teams in a positive way.

What are you doing to help yourself lead better?

If we want to keep leading, we have to keep growing. He’s also joined masterminds, leadership forums, Platform University, and online courses. Leadership is action and he’s taken action in the areas he’s interested in

Leadership is action and he’s taken action in the areas he’s interested in.

How does leadership and faith connect?

Jesus wanted to meet people where they were. If we want to seek God’s will for ourselves, we have to meet people where they are, just like Jesus did.

How does iron sharpen iron?

We need to surround ourselves with different types of people. Like-minded individuals and those who challenge our beliefs. We need to be like Jesus and surround ourselves with a variety of people

How can we undermine our ability to lead?

We can destroy our ability to lead by: Sowing mistrust, in authentic leadership, modeling inconsistency, and not being present.

What’s something a struggling leader can do to correct those issues?

Surround yourself with a couple of people to help hold you accountable

What do you wish you would have known about leadership when you were 30?

It’s okay to stand out and be different and offer something different. Being different is essential. It is important to take a step towards your goals every day.

Can you recommend one or two books that will help a leader grow?

H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick
Quarter-Life Calling by Paul Sohn
Love Does by Bob Goff

What else what you like to share with up and coming leaders?

Don’t underestimate the power of authenticity. Faith and hope offer so much. View your purpose as a calling.

Resources Mentioned:

Conference – Catalyst Conference

Book – H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick

Book – Quarter-Life Calling by Paul Sohn

Book – Love Does by Bob Goff

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