Becoming A Visionary Leader Through Leadercast Live With Keith Wilmot

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 10

The guest for today’s Answers From Leadership podcast is Keith Wilmot.

Keith was the Global Vice President of Creativity & Insights at The Coca-Cola Company. In this capacity, he founded and launched IGNITOR, an internal creativity and innovation approach. His team was responsible for solving complex business challenges by translating insight into actionable, commercial ideas

Now, Keith is the President & CEO of Leadercast.

how to become a visionary leader

Show Notes:

What do you want listeners to know about you?

He married his high school sweetheart

He and his wife have 4 kids

And he has a dog named Brady

What does leadership look like to you?

You can look at leaders worth following in two ways: Values-based approach and a behavioral based approach

Values can be buildable. Though they tend to be intrinsic

Things like: Being people first, compassionate, operating with empathy, or integrity

They have an approach to building leaders worth following

What difficulties have you faced in your leadership? And what did you learn from those challenges?

Some of the best leaders tend to operate best under duress

Leading Leadercast can be daunting. The event brings in 125,000 leaders.

Being calm is contagious

What is the Leadercast event?

Leadercast happens live in Atlanta at the Infinite Energy Center
It’s a single-day event that is simulcast across the world to host sites
Leadercast can best be summed up as a Cirque De Sole show, a rock concert, and a leadership gathering fused together

This year’s theme is Architects of Tomorrow and it’s about vision
Visionary leadership is the responsibility of every leader regardless of role

How is the vision of Leadercast different from other leadership conferences?

We do it differently
Everything is themed-based
Each leader is uniquely selected because of their perspective
It’s a blast and a lot of fun
There’s a specific story they’re starting with and ending with

What leaders will be at Leadercast Live 2016?

Andy Stanley – Their top-rated speaker
Steve Wozniak – Co-founder of Apple
Kat Cole – Dynamic leader, leading Focus Brands such as Auntie Anne’s pretzels, Cinna-Bon, Moe’s Southwest Grills
Rorke Denver – Commander in the US Navy Seals
James Brown – CBS Co-Host of NFL Today, part owner of The Nationals
Chris Barez-Brown – Creative thought leader

How can someone experience Leadercast?

Lots of ways
Website –, your source of information about the event
You can attend live in Atlanta or, if you’re not in Atlanta, you can find a local host site

The event is designed with the host site in mind. This is because a majority of the audience will be watching instead of attending in Atlanta.
Don’t fret if you can’t make it to Atlanta. The simulcast is made for you!

What’s one thing you wish you would have known about leadership 10 years ago?

Leadership has always been a soft skill that people feel like it isn’t measurable. Yet it is measurable.

What’s one book you’d recommend to help a leader grow?

Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last
Simon Sinek – Start With Why
Ken Segall – Insanely Simple

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