What Commitment Looks Like

No matter how we look at it, there’s no easy road in leadership. It’s an up and down journey that pushes us beyond our limits.

That’s why we need to have commitment.

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Commitment is being dedicated to a goal or cause. You not only start it, you see it through.

Yet I see far too many people who lack commitment. That’s a problem.

We’ve got to get better at being committed.

When Things Get Tough

You may have started a project only to discover the process was much tougher than you expected.

People may not have put in as much effort as you hoped. The mental strain may have been great. The physical power required might be more than you anticipated.

These are the times when things get tough.

It’s also when the committed keep going.

They don’t put up their hands and say they’re done. No! They dig in their heels and get the work done regardless of how tough the road ahead is.

When Things Are More Expensive

Sometimes it’s not the difficulty of a project or dream that gets in the way. Many times it’s the cost is more expensive than we predicted.

Whether it’s due to an incorrect estimate or you doing something wrong, the costs can add up.

Are you willing to keep pushing forward or are you going to give up when you find out success isn’t as cheap as you thought it was going to be?

The committed look at what’s been done, see what needs to be done, and then, if appropriate, finishes the job regardless of the cost.

When Things Are Harder

There are tough times and then there are hard times. They may look alike but they’re different.

Tough situations have a bit of flexibility to them. Hard times seem immovable. When you hit them, there’s no give.

Does this mean it’s time to give up?

Not at all. Even the hardest of trials can be overcome.

Get committed. Decide that you’re going to attack the hard trials you’re facing with a dedicated effort.

Hit the hard times with all you’ve got. Beat it into submission.

Committed people continue to fight through the harder times until they break through what seemed immovable.

Commitment Isn’t Pretty

We can all agree that commitment isn’t pretty. Commitment is a battle. It’s a fight. It’s one hit after the other.

And it’s you rising back up to fight back.

You dig in and brace yourself when you face tougher than expected situations. You move forward, when appropriate, when things are more expensive than you first thought. You hit back against the harder than predicted situations until you break through.

Question: What does commitment look like to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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