Why We Really Resist Change

Change is an ever-constant truth in our lives. Nothing stays the same (Well, except ONE thing).

The seasons change, our roles change, people change. We can’t stop change.

Change is rough, we can make it

But there’s a lot of people out there who don’t like change. You may be one of them.

I am, at times.

I don’t like saying a forever goodbye. I don’t like losing a friend. I don’t like telling someone they’re no longer a fit.

It sucks. And yet these are changes we must face.

The Real Reasons We Resist Change

While there’s a lot of emotions in our fight to avoid change, that’s not the real reason we push back. There’s actually psychological reasons behind this.

We think of the worst-case scenario: When we face change, our minds automatically go to the worst-case scenario. This comes from the flight-or-fight portion of our brain.

All it wants to do is protect us and keep us alive. So it tells us the narrative that the worst is going to happen.

We give in to fear: This goes along with the worst-case scenario. Because we don’t have all the information, we begin to fill in the gaps with a fear-filled narrative.

We’re going to die. We’re going to break up. We going to tank the company.

It’s all based upon fear.

We underestimate our ability to make it through difficult times: We all go through difficult times. Some more than others.

Yet we all face them. And we all feel that we won’t make it through the next one.

But I want you to think about the difficult times you’ve faced before. You’ve made it through those, you’ll make it through this change.

We have a poor ability to forecast how change will impact us: The last reason sums up the previous points. We stink at seeing the impact of change on our lives.

We forecast negative events and dwell on those instead of seeing the positive outcomes that are possible.

How To Become Less Resistant To Change

Changing our thoughts about change is difficult. However, it’s crucial to us becoming all that we’re meant to be.

So, how can we overcome our resistance to change?

We must reverse the reasons to fear change.

Think of a best-case scenario: Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, look at what could go right.

Moving to a new position could allow you the opportunity for growth. Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend could allow you to find a wife or husband who treasures you.

There are positives from change!

Tell fear you’ve won before: Fear likes to tell us we can’t do a lot of things. It’s wrong and we know it.

Now you’ve got to speak up and tell fear that it’s a liar.

Audibly speak out your past successes that came from change. Tell it where to go!

Overcoming our resistance to change only comes when we’re willing to take charge of our thoughts. We have to be willing to tell our brains that it’s wrong.

Change won’t kill us. It may change our lives but we can move on.

Question: How have you become less resistance to change? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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