Who Are You Recognizing?

For years, studies have purported to show that employees stick around not due to compensation but because of meaningful work and being recognized for their hard work.

Leaders have extolled these studies. They believed meaningful work and recognition will keep employees around.

That’s true. However, there are times when we think we’re recognizing people but we’re not.

We must recognize the hard workers

So, today I want to ask you: Who are you recognizing?

Why Recognition Is Important

Studies show that recognition is important. People like to be told they’re doing a good job.

We’re creatures of praise and recognition.

We crave kind words, mentions of our name, and other actions that stroke our egos. This makes recognition important.

Don’t neglect to let your employees know you appreciate them.

Who Must You Recognize?

I think this is where leaders can get off base. They fail to recognize those who are doing good work.

You may be asking yourself how does a leader miss those doing good work? It’s easy.

We simply overlook them.

They’ve got their heads down digging into their work. They’re putting in hours all the while keeping to themselves.

And that is how we overlook the good workers.

We miss them because they’re not social. They’re working.

You’ve got to recognize the people who aren’t showboating their work. You’ve got to recognize the employees who are doing the work.

What Recognition Looks Like

Here’s the tricky part. Recognition can look different to each individual.

You have got to learn the way your team enjoys positive recognition.

Here are some ways you can recognize your team’s hard work:

Tell them great job: A verbal praise can be very effective for those who enjoy HEARING their recognition. Tell people how appreciative you are of the hard work they’re doing. You may make their day.

Give them a pat on the back: Other team members may respond to a nice pat on the back. A jovial slap on the back and a little verbal praise may be just what they need.

Listen to them: Sometimes people don’t care about being told about the good work they’re doing. Instead, they’re looking for someone to listen to their ideas and give them go ahead to get to doing. Be someone who’s willing to open their ears and listen to what others have to say.

I don’t know how your team wants to be recognized. What I do know is that they’re longing for it.

Determine today that you’re going to change your ways and begin to recognize those who are pouring into your organization. You won’t regret it.

Question: Are you intentional about who you’re recognizing? Is there someone you’re missing? Let’s talk about why in the comment section below.

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