How Are You Investing In The Next Generation Of Leaders?

The vision of a leader is important. Our vision guides us and creates a sense of direction. Once we’ve established this, we’ve got to move on.

Move on to investing in the next generation of leaders. They’re the ones coming up behind you. Ready to take your place.

Don’t worry though. This is normal in leadership. There’s always going to be a replacement for you. Your job is to invest in them.

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Why Invest In The Next Generation Of Leaders?

This may sound crazy to you if you’ve been raised in the old-school of leadership. Where everyone is out for themselves or the company only.

Leadership is changing. Leadership is moving towards creating new leaders and giving them the tools to take the reigns. Get ready to pass the leadership baton.

As emerging leaders, you’ve got to be mindful this will be the end game of leadership. To raise up the next generation leader.

Even though this may be far away, there’s no reason not to prepare for it by investing in those below you.

How To Invest In The Next Generation Of Leaders

Now you know the why of investing in others. It’s important to grow the next generation. Someone invested in you, now it’s time to invest in the leaders coming behind you.

You can invest in the next generation by:

Spending time teaching them: Take an hour or two of your week and set it aside to invest in the ones you see who are eager to grow. Michael Hyatt did this when he accepted Jeff Goins invitation to lunch.

You could do this by taking one or two prospective leaders out to lunch or to grab a cup of Starbucks coffee. Open up to them and share your insights. Let them know you’ve gone through trials and tribulations and there’s a good chance they will as well.

Sharing great resources with them: After you’ve finished reading a great book, pass it on to someone you feel would greatly benefit from the book. Maybe it’s paying their way to a leadership conference that will change their lives.

Find different ways to pour resources into their lives. Let them know someone is there for them and wanting to see them grow.

Giving them opportunities to stretch: Many young leaders, as you know, have doubts about leading. One of the best ways you can invest in their future is to give them the chance to prove their leadership ability.

Look for tasks or goals that will stretch them beyond what they think they can do. Hand off the project and let them know you believe they can complete it.

As they stretch, they’re earning the confidence of what it’s like to go beyond their beliefs. Help them thrive by giving them opportunities.

Question: What other ways can you invest in the next generation? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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