How To Make Ethical Decisions In Leadership

We’ve seen multi-million dollar organizations fall because of a failure of integrity and ethical decisions. Think back on organizations such as:

  • Enron
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals 
  • Kobe Steel
  • Even the mighty Apple has made unethical decisions with battery-gate

Some of the above organizations made it through their unethical choices. Others failed and closed their doors.

Multiple skyscrappers with the photo taken from the ground.

Photo by Samson on Unsplash

As a leader, you must be aware of your decisions and understand that unethical decisions will lead to major consequences. You also have the power to change them.

But how do you make ethical decisions? What if your organization isn’t known to make the best choices? How do you lead in these situations?

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to make ethical decisions.

7 Leadership Lessons From The London Marathon

Five years ago, I ran my first marathon. It was the Grand Rapids Marathon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After this marathon, I said I would never run another marathon again.

Fast forward to 2024…

I ran my second full marathon. This time, in London, England.

Man with dark hair in an orange tank top jersey running the streets of London in the London Marathon

Photo by Pamela Lalonde

Running the London Marathon wasn’t a dream come true. It wasn’t something I’d longed to do. Yet, when the invitation from Team World Vision came to run the London Marathon and change kids’ lives, I couldn’t say no.

Pamela and I spent nine full days in London. We got to see so much and experience so much. You may hear about those experiences in a later post. This post is going to be about the lessons from the London Marathon.

Tips On Leading With Integrity And Purpose

All of us want to live a life that is authentic. We also want to live a life full of integrity. Then there’s living a life full of purpose. We know these three things can be guiding lights for us personally and professionally. 

However, I’ve seen many leaders side-step these areas of their personal and professional lives. They see a shortcut and they take it. No one will know, they think. 

It may be true. No one may ever discover what you did under the cover of darkness. You may never be exposed for taking advantage of your employees, organization, or friends. 

But those things still happened. 

You’ve broken the trust of the people you love and care about. You’ve tarnished your reputation. You’ve become the laughingstock of your industry. 

All because you decided to do the wrong thing.

Are You Missing The Plank In Your Eye?

Every time someone subscribes to receive updates from my blog, they should receive an email asking them what the biggest struggle they’re facing today is. I recently had a subscriber respond with an issue most leaders have at some point. 

I shared my thoughts on the topic with them, and they said I should make our conversation a blog post. I hope you will enjoy this interaction made into a cohesive topic about leading others well. 

Man sitting in front of laptop. His hands are thrown up in frustration.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Here’s the struggle the reader was facing:

I would say my biggest struggle is mentoring new, younger employees.

At times their level of confidence far exceeds their abilities. In my opinion this contributes to an employee who over simplifies things, over relies on their own abilities to solve a problem, and takes unnecessary risks. This approach can create project delays.