5 Ways To Team Build

Motivating Your Team

You know how to motivate your team now. We’ve talked plenty about that over the last month.

But what does it take to build a strong, cohesive team? You have the groundwork laid. And it’s a firm foundation.

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Yet you will have to do more if you want to team build. Let’s look at what it will take.

5 Ways To Team Build

1. Host get-togethers outside of the office:

A team that plays together stays together. At my newest organization, we’re doing something called Team Bolding. It’s a play on the words Team Building and our company name.

There’s been a couple of activities that really made people talk. A visit to the local trampoline park. Hanging out at the local Parties In The Park. And more.

Getting your team members to associate outside of work is a great way to build the morale and camaraderie of your team.

2. Get rid of office contests:

Hosting sales contests where your sales team are pitted against one another seems like a great way to build momentum. It is… But it builds negative momentum.

When you’re making your team members compete against one another, you’re creating angst and frustration. You’re not team building. You’re team destroying.

Be careful of trying to build your team through competition.

3. Have celebrations and parties:

Did something great happen in the office or on the production floor? Be willing to celebrate the victories you and your team experience.

You can even go above and beyond and celebrate personal victories. Did Bob and his wife Kathy have a child? Throw a party! Did Jennifer and her fiance Dave get married? Celebrate their joyous union!

Find things to celebrate and show your team they all matter.

4. Hold lunch and learns:

People love food. By providing lunch, you can get many team members together and help build positive feelings about the company.

Bring in a catered lunch. Have someone share what they’ve learned recently. Ask great discussion questions.

You’ll not only grow your team, you’ll find your team growing closer.

5. Create anonymous shout-outs:

People love to be celebrated. They love to hear their name mentioned along with something good. You can help facilitate this and encourage your team to grow closer.

Create a box for your team to share shout-outs to other team members. Every time a team member sees another team member doing something awesome, they can write a note that will be celebrated in front of the whole team.

This lets people know others are noticing the hard work they’re doing and it’s appreciated.

Question: What other ways are you team building in your organization? Share your tips and strategies in the comments below.

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