Your Voice Connects People

Every leader has a voice. Each voice is unique. That’s what makes it such a crying shame when you and other leaders fail to speak up.

You have a unique way of communicating your message. The way you share and the way you tell stories, you do in such a way that no one can copy you.

Stagehand in a Metallica shirt connecting with audience

Photo by Satria Aditya

And it’s awesome. It’s unique. It’s you!

Your Voice Connects People

More than having a unique voice, your voice does something no one else can. Your voice will connect people to your message. This comes from your unique perspective and communication style.

You might communicate loud and brash. Or you might be meek and mild. Still, you could fall somewhere in-between.

Wherever you fall in your communication style, someone connects with the way you communicate. This is powerful stuff.

By using your unique voice and being willing to speak up, you are bringing people closer to you. They see you’re someone they can relate to and something clicks. They feel like they’re connected to you.

This is one of the best reasons to speak up. You will gain followers and you will touch their lives.

Through your ability to speak up and out towards them, you invite them to join a unique tribe. Your tribe.

Build Your Tribe

You cannot be scared to speak up. Only by speaking up will you be able to connect your tribe to you.

People will hear what you’re saying. They’ll want to partner with you and join your tribe.

This is the power behind your voice. A voice you may have been neglecting for far too long.

Begin speaking up. Begin sharing who you are. Begin building your tribe.

There are people out there who are longing to hear a message they’ve never heard before. They don’t know exactly what this message will be but they know they’re missing it.

You, yes you, have this message. Your message will be different from all the other people out there.

Use your unique voice to call your tribe like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. He played a unique tune on his pipe and attracted the attention of the rats in Hamelin. He was able to build a large following of rats and lead them out of Hamelin.

The people you attract won’t be rats. But your voice will attract people who are looking for someone special to follow.

Use your voice. Build your tribe. Connect people!

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