The Power Of Active Listening In Leadership

There’s an age-old saying that people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care. This quote has been attributed to Theodore Roosevelt. Regardless of whether or not Roosevelt actually said this or not, it’s an important aspect of leadership.

Your people want to know you care. One of the ways you can show this is through listening… active listening. 

Carl Rogers and Richard Farson introduced the idea of active listening in 1957. According to Duke University, active listening is listening with the intent to really understand how the person is feeling and be able to put yourself in their shoes to empathize with them

That’s a lot to take in. 

To be a great active listener, you have to:

  • Listen
  • Have intent
  • Be willing to understand the other person
  • Put yourself in their shoes

5 Conflict Resolution Skills For Successful Leaders

Conflicts are real. Especially in leadership.

Your abrasiveness, assertiveness, or vision will rub someone the wrong way. And the same goes for those you lead. They’re going to rub you the wrong way.

Conflicts aren’t bad. They’re needed. 

I think of the Bible verse Proverbs 27:17. It states 

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another

This means conflict can sharpen us. The more you deal with conflict, the better you’ll be. Before you know it, you may have gained skills you didn’t know you needed. 

The struggle is that not everyone knows how to handle conflict in leadership. Their conflict resolution skills are lacking. 

5 Conflict Resolution Skills For Successful Leaders

Let’s take a peek at five different ways you can resolve conflicts as a leader. These tactics will serve you well when dealing with interpersonal, vendor, and business conflicts.