The Power Of The Other

Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert and bestselling author. He draws on his experience in business, leadership consulting, and his practice as a clinical psychologist, to impart practical and effective advice for improving leadership skills and workplace performance. Dr. Cloud has written or co-written over twenty books, including the bestseller Boundaries , which sold over two million copies.

The power of others

What Is Leadership?

Leadership is comprised of multiple things.

Leadership requires vision. Then vision requires us to engage talent. From there, you execute a plan or strategy. And then you adapt.

Last but not least, leadership is about the people you lead.

How Do You Find More?

Navy Seals are put through Hell Week. Their bodies and mind are pushed to the limits.

At times, these Seals feel like they have nothing left. They have no more.

Then what happens? What happens when you hit the limit?

Mark, Dr. Cloud’s brother-in-law, was one of those Seals. He had no more to give during his test until something happened.

His eyes locked with a friend on shore. Suddenly, that friend said GOOOO!

And Mark’s body leapt out of the water and he powered to shore.

That’s how we find more. We partner with others.

Science shows that we’re connected in a triangle. There’s the Brain, there’s the mind, and then there’s others.

The Map Of The Leader’s Universe

There are four corners of the leader’s universe.

The first corner is the corner of No Connection. This is where there’s people but they’re alone or you’re alone.

Corner two is Bad Connection. We know we need connection. So we seek out connection. Any connection.

We push for it, even if it’s not the right one. And we’re damaged from this.

Now, we move to corner three. Corner three is the pseudo-good corner.

This is the land where leaders surround themselves with yes-men or they use things to feel good.

The last place is corner four. Here, we find the Real Connection.

In this corner, you can be who you really are. The people around you can be who they truly are.

Here is where the leader needs to live.

What A Corner Four Connection Has

Here’s what you need to have a corner four connection:


Every good connection requires fuel to get going. We can’t have a good connection without some kind of fuel.

Fuel isn’t happy talk. We get fueled up by sharing our stories and realizing we’re not alone.

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