How To Tap Your Creative Genius

Best-selling author, speaker and creativity guru, Chris Barez-Brown, has been unleashing the creative potential of worldwide organizations including Unilever, Nike, and Diageo for years. He is a master of metamorphosis, challenging and transforming businesses through embedding Creative Leadership as part of the DNA of the culture

How To Tap Your Creative Genius

Most of the time we make our decisions through a singular process. We go through the logical thoughts of how it will work out or feel. We do some analysis on the decision. And then we make it.

Decisions often don’t work out all that well when we begin to process our decisions this way.

Chris and his wife were decided whether or not to have children. They went through the logical way of thinking and decided no.

Something changed though.

The following 2 weeks, Chris began walking through parks and seeing parents with their children. Then he began thinking about who his friends will be.

He and his wife then reconvened about their choice. And, like I said, something changed.

Their conclusion changed from no children to Yes! We want children.

How did this happen? They changed the way they thought about their choice.

Are You On Autopilot?

We take the same route to work. We sleep in our beds the same way. We order the same dish at the restaurants that we go to.

All of these things happen because we are creatures of habit. They’re comfortable and easy to do.

And our subconscious does something amazing.

It remembers the easiest path and begins to take the route of least resistance.

That’s autopilot.

This autopilot choice begins to crush our creativity. Our consistent choices choke out our creativity.

Get Off Autopilot

While you may be dismayed that we live most of our lives on autopilot, there’s good news. We can break our autopilot and rearrange our lives so we no longer stifle creativity.

What can you do to get off of autopilot?

Breathe well

Have fun

Step away

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