How To Leverage What’s Going On Right Now

The first session speaker is Andy Stanley. He’s one of the best speakers in the world and he’s dropping truth with us today.

Casting a clear vision

What Do We Value Most In Leaders?

We value integrity yet we don’t often seek that out in the leaders we choose and follow. There’s something else that people follow.

People follow the man or the woman with a clarity of vision.

The good thing? Leaders can have both of these. And when you leverage the power of clarity you have just harnessed the power that has the ability to split the world in half.

Clarity Is Magnetic

Think back to the 2008 presidential campaign. When you think of that election cycle, think of President Obama.

He had a clear, concise campaign slogan: Change we can believe in.

Eventually, it was boiled down to one word: Change.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan didn’t draw you in. Do you even remember what it was?

I don’t but Andy showed us: Solutions for America!

Now, let’s move forward to 2016 and look at Donald Trump.

His campaign slogan? Make America Great Again!

You probably remembered that before I shared it. That’s because Obama’s and Trump’s campaign slogans are clear.

Let’s Talk About Vision

What is vision? Vision is a mental picture of a WHAT… It’s not how or why. It’s the WHAT.

Why Clarity Is Important

Clarity brings influence. It gets things done.

Clarity results in influence which is the essence of leadership.

Wow! That’s powerful.

Clarity taps emotions.

Making Vision Stick

Four things you have to do to make vision stick:

1. State it simply – Memorable is portable. If people can’t remember your vision, there’s trouble.

They won’t be able to transport it to others. Others won’t be able to latch onto it. The vision will flounder.

Ask yourself: If we are a solution, what’s the problem?

Framing our vision in this way allows us to know what the problem is. It also shows you how you are the solution.

In the business world, we hire the hands. We hire the brain. We fail to grab the heart.

2. Cast it convincingly – You have to get to the WHY. We’ve got to make the WHY bigger than To get paid at the end of the week.

3. Repeat it regularly – Vision leaks. You lose it. People forget it.

So, we’ve got to repeat our vision. Over and over and over again.

4. Celebrate it systematically – What’s rewarded is repeated.

You have to reward and celebrate what’s going well. You have to keep people excited and encouraged.

They will latch onto what is noticed, whether that’s good or bad.

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