Perspectives, Priorities, and Perception

Next up is Kat Cole who is the CEO of FOCUS Brands.

Perspectives, Priorities, and Perception



Kat shares a story of her childhood. It’s a sad story.

One day, her mom tells Kat that it’s time to go. They were leaving their abusive home.

Her mom took a long time to get to that point. And Kat sat there wondering: What took you so long, mom?

We have a problem with our perspective. We, who aren’t close to the action, fail to see what’s truly happening. We struggle with coming to a conclusion.


We have finite resources. Yet there’s lots of need out in the world.

Imagine a trip to Africa. You’re going there to help villagers.

You pass by the first village. It’s a small one. You see it and your heart breaks.

You see it and your heart breaks. But you keep moving on.

You pass by that first village because it was too small. Then you come to the village you’re there to help.

You hear that there’s a bigger village further down the road. You stick it out in the middle sized village though.

That was your goal. That was your mission.

You do the humanitarian work and help the village.

Then you hear the good word. The middle-sized village has helped the smaller village. And then the larger village has come to the middle village and purchased seeds from that village.

By helping where you can and the right size, you’re helping those above and below that arena.


Have you ever been in a room where there are so many people who are not like you? They’re dressed better. They’re more educated. Or some other status that you’re not living up to.

It can easily make you think that you’re not good enough. That’s a perception of yourself.

This happened to Kat Cole. She walked into a business meeting with other women who were dressed well.

And then it happened. Her perception began to change.

We have to help others see themselves doing what is possible. Change their perspective and you will change their lives.

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