Depth Before Height

After our first break, we’re ready to hear James Brown. James Brown is a three-time Emmy award-winning network broadcaster and in 2010 was named’s “Best Studio Host of the Decade”. He is the host of “The NFL Today” on CBS and Super Bowl 50, host of “Thursday Night Football” on CBS and Special Correspondent for CBS News, contributing to various programs including “60 Minutes”.

Previous broadcasting roles include co-host of “Fox NFL Sunday”, host of “Inside The NFL” on Showtime correspondent for “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” on HBO and a nationally syndicated radio show on Sporting News Radio.

Depth comes before height

Focus On The Individual

Good communication skills: There are 3 elements to communication skills. They are speaking, writing, and listening.

Good attire: You must dress for success. The way you dress makes a statement about you before you even open your mouth.

Promptness: Being on time, or ahead of time, is so important. It shows a degree of respect to those you’re meeting with.

A thirst and a hunger for knowledge: Anything that you do to increase your knowledge about your position will set you apart from others.

Interpersonal skills: We’re not longer separated by great distances. We’re in a global community.

The people we deal with are different than us. We can still work with them.

Dealing with adversity: Another thing we’ll face is adversity. Having a good foundation will you through these storms.

Have fun: When you have the right foundation, nobody cares who gets the credit. This allows us to have fun.

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