What Does It Take To Win?

The fifth speaker at Leadercast Live 2016 is Nick Saban.

Nick Saban is the head football coach at the University of Alabama. Coach Saban is also one of two coaches to win at least two BCS national championships and the first to accomplish this at two different schools.

Do you know what it takes to win?

What Does It Take To Win?

The number one thing to win is your mindset.

Process: Process defines what you need to do to win.

Work ethic and discipline: You can have the mindset. You can have the process. But many of us fall off the wagon when it comes to following through on discipline.

To Coach Saban, discipline is knowing what you have to do but you don’t want to do it. Will you do it?

It is also knowing what you don’t want to do but should do it. Do you do it?

Things Critical To Success

Be a team: The team does not make itself what it is. The individuals of the team make up the team.

Be positive: Whether you’re positive or negative, you’re impacting others. Our attitudes can move us in the right direction or the wrong direction. Choose positivity.

Be responsible for self-determination: You need to take responsibility for what you’re supposed to do. This means Do your job.

Can you do that or not?

Be persevering: There’s a lot of negative things happening in your organization. Things may not be going right.

This doesn’t mean you give up. Your trials mean you persevere. You push through the struggle.

You can’t have leadership unless you have the rest of these things. Leadership is helping somebody else for their benefit (Not yours).

To be a leader you must:

You have to be somebody some other person wants to  emulate

You have to care

You have to be willing to serve someone else


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