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Can you believe we are now officially done with the year 2013? Crazy, huh?

I hope your 2013 was an exceptional year. Mine was a mixture of awesomeness and, at the same time, great sadness. My expectations for 2014 are big. Bigger than they’ve ever been. Let’s make this new year fantastic!

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Lets begin by taking a look at the most popular posts from December.

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8. The Toughest Decision I’ve Had To Make – I still miss you Zane. You were a great dog.

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve already entered into the final month of the year. Can you?

This year has been a crazy year for my family and I. Lots of ups and downs and craziness all around.

My hope is that the coming year will see many more victories and celebrations to come.

November 2013 WordleAs usual, the new month brings a review of the previous month. I’ve got to say. November was a crazy month for the blog. You’ll see why in the top posts section.

Top Posts

1. Catalyst East 2013 LeCrae Moore Notes – By far and away the most visited post this month. And it happened because of Twitter. LeCrae Moore retweeted the post to his audience and it took off like wildfire. Never underestimate the power of social media.

Wow, I sit here wondering where the month has gone. Shocked and amazed that October has ended and November is beginning.

Halloween was a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping we’d be able to pass out candy to the trick or treaters but the rain seemed to held them back from knocking on our doors. When we realized this, we chose to go to the theater and see the hilarious movie Despicable Me 2. This movie had my wife laughing throughout the whole film. Definitely go see, or rent, it if you’re looking for a good laugh.

Image via Wordle

Image via Wordle

But now it’s time to get down to business. Let’s look at how the blog did last month and what’s coming up.

Top Posts

1. 10 Facts You Should Know About Modern Day Slavery – Modern day slavery has to be an important topic. This post has been in the top spot the past couple of months. Lets not forget there are still slaves in the land.

We’re three-quarters of the way through 2013. The end of the year is quickly approaching.

Have you been moving towards your goals and accomplishing the things you wanted to this year?

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Honestly, I’ve been approaching my goals slower than I wanted to. My eBook should have been released by now. I should have more followers than I do. I should feel more accomplished than I do.

Sitting here, I’m shrugging my shoulders and telling myself: It’s okay. And it is. We are where we are. Once we realize this, we can move on.

So, regardless of what you’ve accomplished or what you’ve knocked off your to-do list, you can move forward today.

With that behind us, let’s take a look at the top blog posts, top commenters, and site statistics. Heck, I’ll even through in some news!

I cannot believe that August is now behind us. This summer hasn’t really seemed like a summer to us.

The weather has been less than summery and our lives have dramatically changed. I also haven’t been pursuing my goals as hard as I should have been.

What about you? How has summer treated you? I hope it’s been a swell summer.

As we’ve closed out August and the unofficial summer is coming to an end, it’s time to review how August went for Let’s take a look at the top posts for the month, the top commenters, site statistics, and some site news.

Jumble of words used in August

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Top Posts

1. The Lie Of Busy

2. 10 Facts You Should Know About Modern Day Slavery

3. 4 Ways You Can Create A Leadership Presence

4. What You Do In The In-Between Matters