16 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Big Hero 6

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Marvel Studios has been on quite a roll with the superhero movie genre. Earlier this year Marvel released Guardians Of The Galaxy and it was a resounding hit.

Now, Marvel and Disney has released another comic-based movie with Big Hero 6.

leadership lessons from Big Hero 6

Once again Marvel has released a movie about lesser-known heroes. They didn’t stop with Guardians Of The Galaxy. Marvel took it another step with Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6 is the story about Hiro and his brother’s robot Baymax. Along with Fred, Go Go, Wasabi, and Honey Lemon they form an impressive superhero team.

And, as you can guess, Big Hero 6 delivers in the leadership department as well. Here’s Reel Leadership!

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Big Hero 6

1. Stand Up And Say Something: This leadership lesson wasn’t delivered by the movie but by the movie theater. The Celebration Cinema Carousel has a reel of clips that play before the previews of the movie. After these played, nothing happened. The screen went blank and Big Hero 6 failed to play.

This went on for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes. Eventually, someone had to stand up and say something to the employees of the theater.

Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak your mind about what’s happening. If you see something wrong, it’s up to you to say something.

2. Surprise And Delight: Once in a while you’ll see a movie with a movie short before the actual movie. Big Hero 6 had a movie short that truly delivered an emotional experience.

The movie short was Fetch. You saw Winston (the dog) and his owner’s lives. Slowly, things begin to change as a woman takes Winston’s spot.

Talk about a tear jerker.

What leadership lesson can you take away from this? Over-deliver on what you’ve promised. Providing this short movie helped add more value. What can you do to give more value to those you lead?

3. Cass –

Should I have picked up a book on parenting?

Cass’ question was regarding parenting but could apply to any part of our lives, including leadership. She needed help with parenting and wanted a book to help her along. Leaders can pick up books or other resources to help them lead better.

Don’t be afraid to grab a book or two to help you improve your leadership.

4. Looks Can Be Deceiving: The movie begins with Hiro entering a robot fighting den and challenges the top dog. His robot is handily defeated and Hiro asks for a rematch.

During the rematch, we see Hiro’s robot was more than meets the eye. Hiro’s robot hands it to the champion.

We can’t let looks hold us back from valuing others. Try to see others for who they truly are, not how they look.

5. Robert Callahan –

If you like easy, my program isn’t for you. Nothing great comes from easy.

6. View Things From A Different Angle: Tadashi is trying to help Hiro enter Callahan’s advanced college but Hiro is struggling to see a problem he could solve. That is until Tadashi tells Hiro to look for a new angle as he promptly picks him up and holds him upside-down.

Could you look at something differently and discover a new solution to a leadership problem? Look for creative ways to view the problems you’re facing. You will be surprised at the answers that present themselves.

7. Baymax –

I have some concerns

Crazy things happened in the movie and Baymax raised his voice about concerns he had. He made his voice known.

Do you make your voice known when you have concerns? Stop being a yes-man and step up to the plate.

8. We Need A Solid Team: Fred, Go Go, Wasabi, and Honey Lemon rounded out the team for Big Hero 6. They played important roles and helped Hiro and Baymax defeat the man in the Kabuki mask.

Their team was solid.

Do you have a solid team? If not, who do you need to get on your team?

9. Don’t Give Up On Others: Hiro was a little trouble maker with potential. Many people would have given up on him but not his brother Tadashi. He kept hounding Hiro to make himself better. Eventually, it paid off.

Are there people you want to give up on? Why and what could you do to help them rather than abandon them?

10. Beware Of Low Energy: A humorous section in Big Hero 6 was when Baymax’s battery began to run low. His personality began to change and his actions were that of a drunk man.

He wasn’t himself when his energy was depleted. We often do the same thing.

Leaders can run themselves ragged. They won’t stop for anything but the completion of the mission.

Going full bore all the time eventually leads to burnout and fatigue.

Be aware of what you’re doing and where your energy levels are. Be willing to rest and recharge.

11. Be Willing To Take Charge: During an intense car chase, Wasabi was very cautious driving the car. He was using his turn signals and making full stops.

Go Go was in the passenger seat and knew something had to change. She pushed Wasabi aside and took control of the situation.

Are you being a passenger when a leader is needed? What situations do you need to step up and take charge?

12. Use What You Know: Fred was the stereotypical nerd. He loved comics and action figures and science fiction. He was a nerd through and through.

And that’s what made Fred great!

The gang needed an explanation of who the villain was. What did Fred do? He picked up the comic books he had and began giving them out to the others. He had them read them and see how villains worked.

While Fred may have been wrong in who the villain was, he used his current knowledge to bridge the gap from point A to point B.

Are there things you could use to explain situations more easily? Look around you and see how you can apply that to a leadership lesson.

13. Grief Can Change Us: Hiro was dealing with the death of Tadashi throughout the movie. His emotions were all over the place. And he was becoming angry by the grief he felt over the death of his brother.

Be aware that we will all face grief in our lives. We won’t like it but we can’t stop it. We can be aware of it and stop it from changing us for the worst.

14. Honey Lemon –

We want to help but we’re just us.

Hiro –

But we can be WAY more!

I know I didn’t get this quote right but it’s close. The team began to doubt themselves. They thought they were one thing when they were really another thing (A kick-butt superhero team).

Don’t let your self-doubt hold you back. You’ve got awesomeness within you.

15. Face failure: Tadashi failed many times in creating Baymax but he continued time and again. He KNEW creating Baymax to help others was so important he couldn’t give up.

He had to make Baymax work. He needed to help people. He needed to change the world. Even if that meant facing failure after failure.

Are you experiencing failure somewhere? Are you ready to give up? Could you try one or two more ways to make it work? What would happen if you did?

16. Hiro –

We didn’t set out to be superheros but life doesn’t always go as planned.

Our lives have so many crazy twists and turns it can be discouraging. We can’t dwell on what could have been. We have to deal with the hand given to us. Make the best of it!

Question: Have you seen Big Hero 6? If you did, what did you think of it? If not, are you planning on seeing the movie? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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