How To Become Awesome

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts on how to become awesome. Being awesome is something most people want yet never achieve.

Awesomeness seems to evade people like people avoided the plague. Awesomeness doesn’t just happen.

You have what it takes to be awesome

Why is this the case? Why does awesomeness elude so many people? And why does awesomeness tend to come to the freaks and the geeks in the end?

Let’s Talk About Awesomeness

You’ve probably got your thoughts on awesomeness. A particular person may come to mind. Someone like:

Steve Jobs of Apple Computers

Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines

Jim Bob, your neighbor who took the time to mow your grass one day

Tina Grey, the checkout clerk who made the checkout process an experience to remember

Awesomeness comes in many flavors. You may think a person is awesome because he created a killer product that changed the world. Maybe your awesome person took the time out of his day to say hello and see how you’re doing.

Awesomeness doesn’t mean you’ve changed the world. Awesomeness means you did something for someone and you changed their life.

How To Become Awesome

Becoming awesome is a lot easier than most people think. You shouldn’t have to chase after awesome. Awesome is a byproduct of who you are.

You’re awesome by nature. You were created special and unique. You’ve got awesomeness built into your DNA. So, how do you reclaim your lost awesomeness?

1. Recognize you’ve lost it: If you’re looking for ways to become awesome, you might have lost sight of how awesome you really are. Once you’ve recognized you’ve lost it, you can begin the short journey to return to awesomeness.

2. Be yourself: This next step might surprise you. Once you’ve recognized you’ve lost your awesomeness, the next and only step you need to take is to be yourself once again.

Stop trying to be like Richard Branson or Tina Grey or John Wayne. They’re awesome, for sure. But they’re not you. You were created differently with awesomeness that is unique to you.

To become awesome in your own right, you’ve got to embrace your uniqueness and chase after it. Live your life as unique as you are.

Be Awesome Now

You now know how to be awesome again. Take ownership of who you are and live life in the manner you were created.

Go after, don’t chase, your passions. Be proud of your quirks. Stand tall for who you are.

When you begin living life in this manner, awesome will ooze from your pores. People will see you in a new and different light. You’ll become awesome because that’s who you are.

Question: Do you see yourself as awesome? Why or why not? Lets talk about this in the comment section.

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